Shania Twain Wants to Collab with Post Malone

December 11, 2019


Country Music Star Shania Twain is one of the best selling artists of all time, with record sales of over 100 million. She is so popular that the Diva announced her second Las Vegas residency back in June 2019. The residency opened this month and will run for 23 shows over two years at Planet Hollywood.


Probably looking to crossover to a younger audience, Twain has went on record as wanting to do a musical collaboration with popular rapper Post Malone. Twain even says that she has written a song specifically for Post, but has not received a response from him as of yet: 


“I’m not strategizing. If he doesn’t want it, it’s no problem, but I have definitely written a song for him,” she told PEOPLE. “So we’ll see. I’m a fan of his anyway. I really love it. I love his voice.”


Shania does seem like she is a real fan, included the song “Rockstar” in a surprise acoustic medley during her American Music Awards performance that Malone seemed to enjoy.


We think it would be a pretty interesting collab which Post should consider. What do you think? Comment below. 




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December 22, 2018

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