Heavy Metal Takes the Blame for Dayton Shooting

August 6, 2019


Heavy Metal fans are unfortunately use to being looked at with mistrust. Metal fans will be the first to admit that the music genre isn't exactly approachable, and often the lyrics are dark: demons, death, killing, and blood shed are common themes that the casual observer points to when looking for a scapegoat for something they can't explain.


As a result of those lyrical themes, heavy metal has long been under the public microscope: Dee Snider defended the genre to Congress, and bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne have all found themselves under scrutiny when accused of encouraging youth suicide with their music. Now  Chicopee, Massachusetts based metalcore band The Acacia Strain  is being implicated as a cause of the Dayton Ohio shooting spree


Obviously, people are looking for answers as to how these shootings could occur and an Ohio reporter named Jim Heath found an easy scapegoat for the shooting, suggesting that The Acacia Strain held some responsibility for the violent act. Heath was quick to point out on Twitter that the shooter was wearing one of the band's hoodies which read 'No heart to fear, no soul to steal.'"



Heath wrote on Twitter, adding "The slogan is believed to be from a hateful and vengeful song called Ramirez by The Acacia Strain, a metalcore band." The obvious implication by the reporter is that metal music and its fans are prone to violence. 


Singer of The Acacia Strain Vincent Bennett responded on Twitter to say "What happened in Dayton is horrifying. Even more so to know that the shooter was wearing a TAS hoodie is making me sick. There is no excuse for this. Anyone who knows anything knows we don’t condone this behavior. No one has the right to take another’s life." Vincent added that the band "will be taking action to help the families of the victims however we can."


We did some research on the possibility that listening to heavy metal makes you violent in another article. What we found out is that the opposite is true. People actually listen to music that is the OPPOSITE of how they feel. Read more about that research by clicking here. What we gathered from the data is that the person you should really be worried about is the weirdo listening to upbeat party anthems pop shit. 


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December 22, 2018

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