Map of Locations Where Human Waste Has Been Reported in San Francisco

April 17, 2019


You have probably heard about the deplorable health conditions in San Francisco. Not only has the city become a mecca of drug use, but there is literally shit on the streets. With a homeless population as high as 8,000, human waste has become a serious problem with 118,352 reported instances of human fecal matter on city streets since 2011. There were 28,00 reports last year alone. and 2019 is starting off a similar pace with 6,676 reports. 



Three Quarters of all reports are focused in just ten neighborhoods (some of the most popular ones as well):


1. Tenderloin (30,863)

2. South of Market (23,599)

3. Mission (19,150)

4. Civic Center (6,232)

5. Mission Dolores (4,096)

6. Lower Nob Hill (3,654)

7. Potrero Hill (2,489)

8. Showplace Square (2,022)

9. North Beach (1,826)

10. Financial District (1,810).


A website called Open the Books (click the link to view the interactive map) has used the power of GIS mapping to create a guide to waste of sorts, mapping all the reported instances where human waste on city streets has been reported in San Francisco. It may have you rethinking your summer family vacation.  To its credit, the city has hired a Poop Patrol to look for instances of human waste and clean it up. 


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December 22, 2018

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