Luxury Bath Tissue

April 6, 2019


When you hit the Powerball, it's time to think about the little things you can do to pamper yourself. I mean you're driving around in a fancy car, drinking the finest vodkas, partying with super models ... every aspect of your persona needs to scream wealth. That means you can't just have any toilet paper on the yacht for those VIP guests or your own sensitive butt.


Luckily a new market has formed for luxury toilet paper and the finest we have come across is Quilted Northern Luxury. This stuff is FOUR ply which means silky soft. Talk about fancy. And when you order 6 mega rolls ( = 24 regular rolls that poor people use) you even get the fancy display you see in the pic above. It's even sewer-safe and septic-safe which makes you look very earthy conscious and trendy. 


As much as it sounds like an April Fools joke, luxury toilet paper is a real thing. Order it by clicking here. We can't afford it but if you give it a try comment below and tell us if this is the best toilet paper money can buy. 

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