Elderly Couple Sued for Blasting Iron Maiden Too Loud

March 26, 2019

from therock.net.nz


An elderly couple who lived in a quiet retirement community in Stockholm, Sweden has reportedly been sued for blasting Iron Maiden too loud - blasphemy, right?


According to Aftonbladet, the couple used the English heavy metal band's music to take revenge on a new couple that moved to their neighborhood. Other neighbors say the issues started in October when the new neighbors arrived and their sex life was too loud. Apparently the new couple would go at it "all night" - just a reminder, this is a retirement community. Respect.


However, the unnamed couple - an 81- and 71-year old - were having none of it and decided to make more noise but turning up the dial on their stereo and chucking on some Maiden. It got so bad police were called and had to force their entrance to the house while “Afraid To Shoot Strangers” was playing. Thankfully no shots were fired.


Police reportedly charged the couple with harassment and the lawsuit was later dropped.


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