Does Melania Trump Have A Body Double?

September 19, 2018


A new internet conspiracy is suggesting that President Trumps wife Melania is sometimes played by a body double. After a recent trip to Columbus, Ohio when the US President and First Lady made an appearance at the Nationwide Children's Hospital, the body double rumor resurfaced. Melania was boarding Air Force One wearing a white skirt and polka-dot shirt - an outfit that seemed fitting to the wardrobe we have seen her in. It's hard to deny that the person does look younger and the facial features a little "off" when compared to the First Lady. She also appears to be a little heavier and wider, though weight gain could explain a small change in appearance. 

Twitter theorists were quick to voice their opinion: "I'm guessing they hoped we wouldn't notice. I normally don't get caught up in this stuff, but this is kind of obvious," commented one woman, stating the woman's confidence and assertiveness in the video doesn't match Melania's usual demeanor. "This woman is confident and assertive. The facial structure is off. I hate to say it, but this person is almost masculine."

The conspiracy first emerged in July 2017 when she appeared in Brussels for the NATO summit,  and observers noted that her appearance was different. Then in October 2017 body language expert Judi James analyzed images of Melania with her husband Donald Trump and said “Firstly Melania doesn't do facial expressions. Her signature poker face look would actually be hard to reproduce" adding “You could get a stand-in to look similar but mimicking the impassive expression long-term would be hard, especially when you're standing alongside Trump.” That seemed to lay the rumor to rest until the Columbus trip.



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