Elderly men escape nursing home to attend world's biggest heavy metal festival

August 9, 2018


Wacken Open Air festival is the world's largest heavy metal festival - drawing over 75,000 metal heads for the four day outdoor concert. Artists performing at this year's festival included Judas Priest, Danzig, Red Hot Chili Pipers and In Flames.


Wacken is known for its mud but this year there were warnings of wildfires and dust storms as the heatwave continues around Europe. Not a place your expect to see your grandpa. However, the lure of metal was to much for two elderly German men who managed to slip out of their nursing home to attend the event.


According to public radio broadcast NDR, "nursing staff contacted police after they noticed that two of the home's residents were missing,"


German media reports stated that the pair were found rocking out at 3 am in a state that police spokesperson Merle Neufeld described as "disoriented and dazed". "They obviously liked the metal festival," she continued. "The care home quickly organised return transport after police picked them up."


The men didn't want to leave the four-day festival "so police escorted them home with the help of a taxi and a patrol car."

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