Tradespro Metric Nylon Locknut Set

July 1, 2018



As we build up our home workshop, we started thinking about all the little things we might need to complete our projects. It's pretty obvious that you are going to go through a whole lot of nuts and bolts over the course of a year and it makes sense to buy them in bulk rather than individually to save money. That's why we searched on Amazon for a deal to stock our workshop. We came across the Tradespro 836405 Metric Nylon Locknut Assortment.


The set is a nice little assortment to have. We usually end up trying to get to the local Ace Hardware Store on a Saturday afternoon to find one we lost. Just a couple nuts or bolts there will cost a couple bucks so having a supply on hand saves money plus gas, time, and headaches. This set gives you 100 lock nuts in assorted sizes. You are just about guaranteed to have what you need. 


The case is ok. First time we dropped it the thing popped open and the nuts went everywhere. Since then we put them into our wall mounted parts organizer and got rid of that problem. We can't complain about the contents of the case themselves: so far we have used a few of the nuts around the house and on a mountain bike when we stripped a nut changing a tire. Get your own set on Amazon through our link for the guaranteed best price. 


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