Snap-On: Your Secret is Safe with Us

June 7, 2018


A lot of tool guys, especially mechanics, consider Snap On to be the Holy Grail of tools, buying their bread winners right off of the tool truck every week when it stops by. With those little status symbols, tools that say that you have made it as a professional wrencher, comes some serious debt. That's why a lot of DIY'ers and backyard mechanics swear by Harbor Freight. They offer a lifetime warranty just like the tool trucks do, but sell at a much lower price. Sure, the tools are not as good but you could buy a box full for the price of one Snap On ratchet. If this picture we came across is true it seems Snap On does at least a little bit of their product sourcing at Harbor Freight. What do you think? 


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December 22, 2018

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