Aldi Dark Roast K-Cups Review

March 31, 2018


Most coffee drinkers by now have purchased a Keurig. After all, they are super fast when you need a cup of coffee in a hurry - or just want to make a single cup. The problem is that those K-Cups are damn expensive. If you use them every day, it's like always buying a Starbucks. Being the budget shoppers that we are, we are always on the lookout for a deal and when we saw these in our local Aldi's supermarket we had to give them a try. 


On our Keurig in the office we always use the "strong" setting, and using that setting and brewing these Aldi K-cups to 8 ounces gets you a solid cup of coffee. It's not the best we have ever had, but at less than $4 a box these make for a good daily brew at an economical price. Using the 10 ounce setting made the coffee too weak for us, so we wouldn't recommend it. 


The flavor is a neutral dark roast. It is strong (at the 8 ounce setting) and we could not discern any particular flavor undertones to speak of. It just tastes like a dark roast coffee. No earthiness or chocolate flavors to be found here. A few in the office did mention that if they drank a few cups there was some stomach burn, so it would appear that the acidity is high in the Aldi grounds. That was a bit of a surprise since acidity usually increases with darkness, and these come in at what we would call a medium dark.


Overall, the Aldi Dark Roast K-Cups are worth picking up as a go to daily coffee that is an inexpensive brew, or to keep on hand for guests. You’ll probably want to treat yourself to something a little more “luxurious” on weekends but we rate these 3 out of 5 stars.


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