Review: Kendall GT-1 High Performance Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium

February 28, 2018


I have been a fan of Kendall Motor oil for a few years after doing A LOT of research on whats in oil AKA reading lab analysis. I am a Volkswagen guy, and Kendall has a bigger dose of zinc which was great for my air cooled VW. Now some say zinc is bad for catalytic converters and such, but then add "fuel treatments" which contain in many cases guess what...zinc! So do a little research and make your own decisions. "Bob The Oil Guy" website is a good start.


Oil is like coffee or wine as far as the snobbery goes- everyone has their loves and hates. To put my 2 cents in: I will only use Quaker State, Mobil 1, or Kendall. I would use Napa in a pinch. Quaker State made my car sound like a sewing machine, nice and smooth but did burn up quick. Some hate it. Mobil 1 has the macho cool guy appeal, and is spec on Porsche's so that says something. It is pricey and though my car has responded well, feels "heavy" at high RPM. Kendall seems like a nice balance between the two. I forget who makes the NAPA but remember it was a good manufacturer. I REFUSE to use Castrol. I know people love it but the three times I used it I broke down. Maybe just my luck, but i'll take a hint. 

Now on my supercharged VW project, I need a heavy weight oil 20w-50 and there are not a lot of choices. Kendall has been a little hard to find for me, and this particular weight has even fewer options as far as manufacturers. Finding a quality brand in the weight is great, especially when it's one of my preferred brands.


Find the right Motor OIl for your car on the Kendall Motor Oil Website 


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December 22, 2018

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