Friendly's releases Nor'easter Pothole ice cream

February 12, 2018


Friendly's releases Nor'easter Pothole ice cream to combat your winter woes


BOSTON -- Potholes pop up everywhere this time of year, but one of the more surprising areas might be the frozen food section of your local grocery story.


Earlier this month, Friendly's released a new flavor of ice cream called Nor'easter Pothole. It is chocolate ice cream "swirled with black tar fudge with crushed chocolate creme cookie gravel & asphalt chocolate chips."


Nor'easter Pothole was one of three new flavors from the Massachusetts-based company. It's joined by Celebration Ice Cream Cake and Purple Potamus. 


So far, Nor'easter Pothole has been getting great reviews. One blogger from Masslive said it is "really yummy ice cream with chocolate overload."


Friendly's says says Nor'easter Pothole is a limited-time flavor. It is available at most grocery stores in the area.

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December 22, 2018

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