What is Sexy: Belly Dancer Diana Bastet

February 10, 2018


You know, watching a woman dance is sexy. Watching her belly dance is even sexier. Watching her belly dance to metal music? Well that just takes the cake. And belly dancing to metal music is just what Diana Bastet does. So she makes the What is Sexy list this week for a couple of reasons: she is flexible, she is goth and metal, and Diana has those curves we all love. What else could you ask for?  We first came across her dancing to AC/DC's  "Thunderstruck" and had to look for more, then we discovered her on YouTube. She goes by the name Dianabelly. The tattooed vixen has been called the Goddesses of Bellydance, but Diana more humbly describes herself as a "Dark'&'Rock Fusion Dancer" and makes handmade heavy metal themed clothing that she sells worldwide. We don't know how old she is, but her birthday is April 29th if you're a fanboy who wants to send a present.     Follow Diana Bastet on Tumbler, Facebook, and Instagram. Buy her handmade clothes on Etsy. She can dance in our music video anytime. Here is the AC/DC "Thunderstruck" video: 

Here are a few more videos for your enjoyment:


Sepultura "Ratamahatta"

A Black Sabbath Paranoid remake:

 Lamb of God "Walk with me in hell"  

Welcome Party @ Tribal Autumn in Lviv 2016

 The Goddesses of Bellydance: Diana Bastet compilation video. 

You gotta watch her moves at 2:35 


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