Not Sexy: Old Lady Perfume and Hairspray

April 9, 2017


One of the worst things a girl can do is wear some nasty perfume. The old lady smelling stuff. Why? Because it makes me think of Betty White and that's just not sexy. I sit there in the office and there are a few old ladies who walk by who leave this trail of stink behind them. It makes me want to gag. For some reason younger women choose some of the worst perfumes as well. Buy a sample size if you're unsure and test that shit out.



Even worse is the hairspray trail that the old ladies at Walmart leave like a chemtrail. It's usually as they wander around, looking for another case of Rave or Aquanet to hold their curled cotton ball looking head into place. It makes me dizzy. How can you not possibly know that this is offensive to 99.9% of the human race. Do smell receptors die as you age?


Unfortunately, many younger women surround themselves in a cloud of hairspray too. Its as if they are preparing for a flash mob prom photo op while shopping for tampons.


And how about the not so old, middle aged women holding onto their glory years from high school, trying to remake their Glamour Shots while working at the bank years past their prime? It's like you forgot 80's hair metal died when Nirvana hit the seen. And that was a long time ago.



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