Review: Timex Grid Shock Watch

February 26, 2017


I was in the market for a new watch, something not too expensive and it had to be something that worked in a business casual environment while holding up to some everyday outdoor use like hiking. I surfed around Amazon for awhile and came up with the Timex Grid Shock. It's available in multiple color ways but the one that caught my eye was the green.


Out of the Box it's a drab military type green but it doesn't look too tactical in the office, rather it feels more outdoor oriented. The face will probably be a love it or hate it for you. Personally I love it. It's bold, large and digital, but not silly. I have had some "nice watch" compliments. It's noticeable without being gaudy like the hip hop big face watch trend a few years back.



Here you can see the profile is thick, about .25 inch, but it still stays under a shirt sleeve or cuff


Here is the inside back of the watch, it's solid metal


One issue I have had is the little "nub" under the band. It' intended to lock the watch 'overlap' in place while being worn, but instead I find that it just makes it a real pain to take the watch off because it's locked down and hard to access under the loop. Overall though, this is a solid watch. It doesn't have many bells and whistles.


I would think with so much real estate on the face maybe there would be a few more functions. You get a stop watch, timer, and vibrating alarm. There's also a fairly useless feature called a hydration warning. Basically it's a timer you program to go off every say hour to remind you to take a drink of water. I mean I can see how it might be useful, but it's a stretch. Overall, the Timex Grid Shock Watch is a good option for everyday use and outdoor adventures. Buy the Timex Grid Shock Watch by clicking here.


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