Fake Sellers on Amazon

February 18, 2017


Amazon is always my go to place to shop. I hate going to most stores, dealing with crowds, limited the selection, and worst of all the need to go back to that store to return an item that was wrong. So of course I love Amazon. I can shop from home and have a broad (most likely bigger) selection at what is usually a competitive price and the guarantee that there isn't going to be any issue with the product being a knockoff or worse yet never arriving.


or so I thought....


Well I've been wrong fours times in the last few months. All around the Christmas season. First was a Northface hat that I ordered which took close to a month to arrive. Big red flag there. When it did arrive it was a total knockoff which looked nothing like the original. Yes I did get my money back after several emails (per Amazon policy you must email the seller to resolve any issues) which were not returned. The refund process took several weeks.


My other orders were for Knipex pliers through sellers which were cheaper than Amazon offered. I had never, never had a problem ordering through an outside retailer because they are watched by Amazon for buyer feedback and order fulfillment. At least I thought they were. These three orders all never arrived and I had to go through that same tedious return process of trying to email the seller, not getting a response, trying again in good faith, doing a live chat with an Amazon rep who then sent an email on my behalf. After several days without response, finally receiving an email from Amazon advising my order would be refunded.


The strange thing was these sellers were still selling on Amazon a month later, apparently unchecked or reprimanded (removed) by Amazon. Right now there are several items on my watch list which when I check the other sellers, many people have posted comments along the lines of the issues I encountered- items not arriving and lack of response to emails. Most often these sellers have only negative feedback ratings, yet they are still offering product for sale with NO intervention by Amazon.


So sure I am hesitant to order from anyone but Amazon itself. But was that the goal with the lack of checks on sellers? A backhand way of getting you to order directly through them so they get the profit and sale? I hope not Amazon.


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