Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Lawyer

It’s sometimes tempting to think of lawyers as being the preserve of large companies or millionaires; however, in our highly litigious age, having a personal lawyer on your side can be hugely beneficial for many reasons.

Life is uncertain at the best of times, and legal disputes can arise unexpectedly. Having a trusted lawyer on hand can prove a huge advantage should you find yourself in need of legal advice.

Prevention is better than cure

While we often think of lawyers stepping in at the last minute to settle disputes, in reality, the majority of a lawyer’s work is performed in an advisory role – preventing problems occurring rather than solving them.

A lawyer’s overriding responsibility is to protect the interests of their client, and the best way to do that is by avoiding issues in the first place. As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

The critical thing to remember is, a lawyer is professionally trained to be able to spot discrepancies in an instant – the kind of things that simply slip past the untrained eye. Having a personal lawyer makes it much easier and quicker to seek advice when you need it.

The law is complicated and needs specialist knowledge

Very often, people stray into legal problems without even realizing it. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on-side means you can seek professional advice before entering into anything you might otherwise come to regret. As a general rule, if you’re in any doubt about a contract or other formal agreement, you should seek legal advice before signing.

In particular, if you run a business, it’s especially important to have legal advice on hand to help avoid potential disputes. Having regular contact with a lawyer means they will come to know and understand you and your company, so they can better represent you in times of trouble.

Establish a rapport and trust

In the same way that you build a connection with your family doctor or dentist, having a familiar lawyer allows you to get to know each other personally. Better yet, if your stick with the same legal team, they will likely also get to know your family.

This kind of personal contact and knowledge can be beneficial when it comes to settling wills, family disputes, or any other legal challenges.

The importance of a lawyer in criminal cases

There is a broad difference between civil and criminal law, and the severity of the punishment can vary wildly between the two. As a general rule, criminal law redresses offenses against society as a whole, whereas civil law tends to settle disputes between people or organizations. Most importantly, criminal law seeks to punish for an offense while civil law typically aims to achieve an acceptable remedy.

While representation is essential for both, it is especially important in criminal cases. Firms like criminal-lawyer.com.au have expert teams in all areas of criminal law, including affray, assault, drug/fraud charges, money laundering, sexual assault, and even armed robbery.

Already having a rapport with a legal firm that knows you personally is a huge help when it comes to preparing for a criminal case. If a law firm already knows you, it can save you a lot of time explaining your background and history – the details that are essential in building an overall picture of you for a jury.

You’re very likely going to need a lawyer one day, anyway

Whether you’re buying a house, have been involved in a car accident, or are drafting a will, everyone needs legal advice at some point in their lives.

Most reputable firms provide a free consultation service, so next time you have a legal issue, use it as an opportunity to build a relationship with a legal team that’s willing to take the time to get to know you and your history. You never know when you might be glad of it in the future.


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