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What is Sexy: Mary Jane Cosplay

Our favorite superhero growing up was Spider-Man. The guy had some cool powers like the ability to climb walls and shoot webs from his wrists. He also had that Spidey sense that gave him a little tingle whenever something bad was up, or when there was a hot girl around. You see, despite being a little awkward and nerdy - Peter Parker somehow always managed to land some really sexy girlfiends.

Now Peter had his run with plenty of ladies including a blonde and a brunette, but the one he always came back to and eventually married was a red headed model named Mary Jane. She stood by him through thick and thin, even paying the bills when he was a struggling student working his side hustle as a part time photographer.

It might just be a comic book, but the classic love story of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson is a big reason why MJ's look is so popular among cosplayers. Check out this weeks What is Sexy collection - many of the styles are based on the iconic cover you can see below:

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