What is Sexy: #MAGA Girls

MAGA Girls

If you didn't realize it, we have another election coming up in just a few months. It's hard to deny that it's been a rough ride for our Commander in Chief with the left fighting him on every issue along the way over the last few years. But that's ok, we knew that Making America Great Again wouldn't happen over night. We are confident that Trump is making the right moves to fulfill his campaign promises - and that's why we know who we are voting for (again) come November.

Now if you watch the news, they would have you believe that Trump's popularity is on the decline, and that many of his supporters have switched sides. We don't believe it. Taking a look at the girls in this weeks What is Sexy collection shows that he is as popular as ever. You might feel alone, but trust us - there are plenty of us out here that want a return to the values that made this country the greatest in the world.

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