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What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx


Since Covid is keeping the world on lockdown and guys are stuck inside their apartments, everyone is looking for ways to pass the time. Video games and working out only go so far, and it's not like the need for release goes away. That is probably why cam girls have found plenty of business from men looking for the girlfriend experience without the attachment.

Recently, we conducted some heavy research into the topic trying to understand the world of cam girls. One lady who caught our attention is Bambijeanxxx. She is the perfect soccer mom type for the men like us with a MILF next door fetish. But there are plenty of cam girls out there who are willing to fill in when dating apps don't cut it. So if you are going to spend your cash, we get it - you are looking for just the right lady for your girlfriend experience.

That's why we reached out to Bambijeanxxx for an interview: we wanted to get an insiders view into the world of cam girls, modeling for money, and what makes an otherwise girl next door start making online cams for cash. Obviously, we can't post her naughtier stuff here - but Bambi did give us some pics from her exclusive members only online collection. They are hot enough to make you want more.


We took a look at your Pornhub page and you have 5 million views. That's a lot. How long have you been making videos? I've been posting my videos on Pornhub for about 3 years, and I have had my website for about the same amount of time.

How did you get started? I always liked to make videos with my boyfriends/fuck-buddies, and one time one of them suggested that I post some of them. I got a pretty good response, so I kept at it.

How does Pornhub work? Do you get paid for all those views? Is it like Youtube? They do pay, it's a percentage from ad revenue that is generated by number of views, likes, comments...I've never youtubed, but from what I gather, it's a similar payment system.


You have a pretty wicked tattoo running down your back? Plan to get any others? Oh yeah. I'm an ink addict! My back tattoo is my favorite! I love wearing short shorts and a tank top so everyone can see that is goes all the way down! I plan to add to my back tattoo eventually, and I'll start another sleeve on my left arm soon! You are one of the few women we have seen that can pull off any hair color. How often does it change? It changes with my mood, and the seasons. I generally stick with blonde in the summer, and more unique colors in the fall and winter.

Tell us a little about yourself. Favorite color? What kind of music are you into? Orange. I love how happy that color makes me feel. I love country (old school like George Strait) and some rock as well. I Absolutely LOVE 80's music too!

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

How tall are you? 5'6"

Do you live in the United States? Yes. I live in the southwest, Arizona mostly, but I spend a fair amount of time in California as well. But I was born overseas.

Are you a full time cam girl, or do you still work a full time job? I only do porn part time. It makes for some GREAT extra income, and it's fun. I work in the wine industry in Arizona as my primary job, (boring office stuff) but I enjoy that as well. I've met tons of people and I get to travel a lot for my work.

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

So what is the Bambijean studio like? Do you have a full studio setup? Is everything done in one shot or are their multiple takes? I use camcorders, ipads, and cell phone cameras, and I have additional lighting as well. I don't like the video process to hinder the fun of the sex, so I generally do it in one take/shot. It makes for some funny bloopers that I offer to my premium fans.

Do fans ever recognize you on the street? How about coworkers? I have had a couple guys recognize me in Las Vegas when I'm there on vacation, but none of my co-workers have ever said anything if they know. :)

Are you shy or more outgoing? I'm balanced I think. I can be the life of the party, but sometimes I'm a little quiet. I can be submissive sometimes, but other times I really like to take control. Just depends on my mood.

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

I am sure that plenty of guy readers would like to make videos with their girlfriends. How would you recommend bringing up the subject? That's a super tricky subject. I'm not sure I would recommend it in most cases, but if your significant other is adventurous and a little kinky, ask if they want to make a couple quick videos, and them tell them how sexy they are. I love doing it because it makes me feel sexy, and I get super horny when guys want to jack off to my videos. I guess it just depends on the guy/girl.

You seem pretty quiet in your videos. Are you always like that? I always get requests to talk more in my videos, and I do my best, but I guess I just get too focused on the sex, or the cock I'm sucking, and I forget to say anything. lol

Do you watch porn, or is making it enough? I watch a little, mainly to get some new ideas. But I find it WAY more fun to make it. The editing process is fun too. I get to be creative and get super horny at the same time! lol

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

Do you still have the energy for sex off camera? I have sex more off camera than on. It's my time to just enjoy it without worrying about angles, lighting etc.

What's the craziest place you have had sex? The craziest place I've had sex... I'm gonna have to really think about that. One time I gave a guy an under the table footjob at a fancy restaurant on a date. I was just trying to tease him, but he whipped it out and, and I just went with it. Dude was REALLY into feet, and came almost immediately. I've given blowjobs in just about any place you can imagine, but sex is a little harder to pull off. I guess the Grand Canyon would be the craziest place I've had sex. It was quite the view!

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

What do you find sexy? Sexy is confidence without arrogance. Funny without being obnoxious. And hygiene. You gotta smell good!

Guys want to know the truth: Does size matter? Size only matters on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Way too big just hurts, and way too small is disappointing. Average length, 4-6" and some nice girth is my ideal penis. lol. But I like blowing guys that are short. 4.5" and below means I can make it disappear, and use my tongue to, you know.

What is Sexy: Bambijeanxxx

Do fans ever get unruly? Paying fans are generally very quiet. They mostly want to watch me I guess. But the conversations have always been very polite. Just tell me what you want! The most annoying ones are the Pornhub messenger trolls. The one's that won't spend a penny to support you, but have constant nagging requests for their particular fetish.

Can fans request custom videos? Oh yeah! I do a lot of fan-only custom videos that are never released. They are exclusively sent to the fan that requested it. I love doing custom videos because it's usually something I've never done, and they come up with some fun costumes and scenarios. BTW you get a free custom video if you purchase an annual subscription on my site!

Nice to know. Are there any linits to what a fan can request? I have some limits, but not many! I always cover those when someone purchases a custom video.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Bambijean. How can fans reach you and see more? My website BAMBIJEAN.COM and my twitter account BambiJeanXXX are the best ways to reach me. Like I said earlier, my PH inbox is just loaded with spam from trolls, so I don't even open it. lol

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