Weird Voices Heard Near Mount Tamalpais

Weird Voices Near Mount Tamalpais

I went camping on Mt. Tamalpais (north of San Francisco) with some coworkers. It was going to be a week long stay since we were doing some trail builing.

The area is like a rainforest and I spent the first couple of days doing trail work, hiking in lumber to build a bridge on a trail that we were working on that was a good three miles away.

On the third night, I woke up around 2 am because I heard my coworkers voice. He was making a 'ye ye' sound like he would if he was lost in the woods. I heard this for like 30 minutes and debated on getting dressed and going out to look for him, thinking he got lost on his way to the bathroom or something.

I finally got up and go out to the road not far from the state property we were on. I walked along the highway for about 2 minutes before I get too frustrated trying to find the guy and think he probably snuck off to get high.

So I go back to bed and see him in the morning. I ask him "hey, what were you doing last night?"

He says "I was passed out after emptying my flask in my tent. I didn't want the boss to know I had booze".

I thought that was strange, then I hear the same voice for the next 3 nights coming from the same direction untill we leave at the end of the week.

Weird Voices Near Mount Tamalpais

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