Unusual Auction on Gunbroker

Unusual Auction on Gunbroker

While searching Gunbroker for some deals, we came across an unusual listing for a Mossberg 500 12 gauge. The shotgun is used, but in an unfortunate way: the weapon was used in a suicide.

The seller, Redmond Firearms, states the following:

At the beginning of February, a husband, father and friend took his life, leaving behind his grieving widow, two pre-teen children, and lots of friends. His action took everyone by surprise and left a big void. As a small help to the family, Redmond Firearms is listing his shotgun for sale here on gunbroker as a benefit auction to his remaining family. To be clear, this is the shotgun he used to take his life. It has been released by our local Sheriff Department and is clear to transfer and own.

This is a Mossberg model 500a 12ga, pump action shotgun. It has a 18.5” cylinder bore barrel with brass bead front sight, a 5-shot tube magazine and a tang safety. This Mossberg also features a black synthetic stock and forend and generous recoil pad. According to the serial number, this one was made in year 2000.

This shotgun is in very good condition. The bore is clean and bright, and the action feels solid and somewhat smooth - definitely smoother than modern production 500’s, but not quite like a buttery old Wingmaster. There are a few wear marks here and there, but overall this is a great home defense shotgun, or add a hunting barrel to it and you’ll be in business and ready to use this at home or in the field!

This is a unique listing and I’m calling on the gunbroker community to bid more than this Mossberg is worth to really bless this family that has had their world rocked. The high bidder will win this auction and be the one who helps remove an object that will only conjure bad memories and convert it into useful cash. Thank you all in advance!

What do you think? Would you add a weapon like this to your collection? One that was used in a suicide? Call us superstitious but we have to say no, though we wish the family the best. If you would like to bid click this link for the auction.