Tips for Buying Vintage Cars

Are you looking for the perfect vintage car of your dreams? Follow some of the tips in our guide to save yourself money and heartache and get behind the wheel for less!

Do Your Homework!

Too many car enthusiasts make the mistake of failing to do their research and buy a vintage car

without fully researching the vehicles and what it is going to take to maintain one.

Vintage cars are often beautiful, and you may have had a place in your heart for a specific make or model for most of your life, but that doesn’t mean you and your dream car are a match made in heaven.

Many old cars have high maintenance costs to keep them running and in the best condition, so you should check web forums, books, and magazines for information on running costs and common problems. Your dream car could actually be a nightmare to own.

Your Head Has to Overrule Your Heart

Whenever you are looking for any kind of car, you should make your decisions with your head and not your heart. It is easy to get carried away ‘in the moment’ of buying a vintage car, but if you keep a cool head and be pragmatic, you can avoid costly mistakes.

Never begin looking at a car unless you are prepared to walk away without making a purchase. Always stick to your budget and have a good idea about how much any work the car needs will cost you if you buy and deduct this from your maximum purchase price.

Shop Around, There Are Some Great Deals in Unlikely Places

The best advice for finding your dream vintage vehicle is to shop around and take your time. Looking in some unlikely places can often lead you to a bargain.

Web searches will often lead you to private sellers that are steadfast on price and may have a little more knowledge about vintage cars than you, putting you at a disadvantage. Dealerships can actually be a great place to go to find a vintage vehicle. If you are looking for a Maserati, for example, you may want to look here for great deals on a used Maserati in San Diego, California. Dealerships often want to make space for new vehicles and will offer great deals on used classics so they can get new cars on their lot.

Be Prepared to Make Compromises

If you are prepared to make compromises, you will get a better car at a better price. The more specific your demands are, the more you will end up paying to buy your dream vintage car.

Many buyers want a specific color or engine configuration that can cost them more to buy and maintain, but if you allow yourself to make some compromises, you will give yourself more options to choose from at cheaper prices. The Jaguar XJS from the 1970s is a good example of this. Many buyers of this car look for the V12 version, which is more expensive to maintain and more desirable, pushing up the purchase price. If you settle for the inline 6 cylinder version, you will save money buying and maintaining the car and you will find more examples to choose from.

With the right research and a plan in place, anyone can drive the classic car of their dreams without breaking the bank or buying a lemon. Follow these tips to save headaches and get better value.