Reinvent Your Look With These Unusual Fashion Styles

Plenty of guys and girls are looking to up their style game. But knowing what the hottest trends are requires research and planning. Not to mention trends come and go before you can catch the wave. That's why we put together this list of the latest non conformist styles that stand out. So that you get the looks right, we offer a few suggestions on needed wardrobe pieces and inspiration so that you can make it yours.

Covidcore AKA Maskcore


If you are like us, you waited until the last minute to buy a mask during the pandemic. That meant at least a few trips to the grocery store with a t-shirt wrapped around our face. But followers of maskcore AKA Covidcore feel the need to make virus fears a lifestyle, buying expensive boutique brand masks that shout fashion forward rule follower. Some even color coordinate the mask to their outfit. You can make it a more organic look by choosing gas masks over normal paper or fabric masks.

Inspo: Viruses, conformity, government control mechanisms, hiding an ugly lower face

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: a mask. Sheeple personality. Optional: Full on prepper gas masks.

Applecore Style


If you drool over gadgets and are willing to wait for hours in line to get in on the latest tech drop, then Applecore is the look for you. Proponents of this style tend towards the tech look, but accessories MUST be Apple branded only. Some even take it a step further by getting Apple product themed tatts.

Inspo: Apple tech and products, over priced under performing gadgets, conformity, consumerism

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: Apple products

Pumpkin Spicecore AKA Beckycore

Pumpkin Spicecore

A few years back, the basic girl was easy to spot. She always had a Starbucks in hand and vowed to die in her UGG Boots. Though we love basic babes, the look has morphed into a new iteration called Pumpkin Spicecore AKA Beckycore. We don't recommend this look for guys, but hey whatever floats your boat.

Inspo: Consumerist thinking and personality. Daddy's money. Online Shopping.

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: Fuzzy Boots UGG preferred. Starbucks.

Miami Sleezecore


Sleezecore is a style born of the 80's. First inspired by Miami Vice, the look has morphed into several regional subsets that can help personalize your look. To get started, watch Miami Vice. Then find clothing with lots of flowery prints and lighter colors. Don't be afraid of loud colors either: tropical tones will help highlight your beach tan. Lighter weight fabrics work best to achieve the perfect drape and breathability in warmer climates. Skinny guys and those with skinny fat bods can best pull off this look.

Inspo: Miami Vice, cocaine, drug trafficking, Florida, Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: flower prints, linen and cotton based clothes, stone washed jeans, loose fit and boxy cut suits


This look is an offshoot of sleezecore, but aims for a toned down, vintage, funny and offbeat vibe. Much of the clothing from Miami based sleezecore translates over, but thrift store finds will fill out your wardrobe and grandpas closet is Rodeo drive to the Kramercore follower. Consider bidding at estate sales to get primo vintage pieces at rock bottom prices. Hone your collection of dad jokes to get the crowd laughing, and pick up some quirky mannerisms like an eye twitch to build interest. Mothballs are your friend with Kramercore: they keep your clothes fresh and can save you money on cologne.

Inspo: Seinfeld, Kramer, your grandpa, dad jokes, vintage, thrift stores, estate sales

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: Thrift store finds and whatever you raid from your grandpa's closet. Avoid and sort of hair styling products. Any cologne works, but should be cheap and overly applied. Mothballs. Breath Mints.

Boondock Saintscore

This throwback look pays homage to the excellent 1999 cult film The Boondock Saints. It's an easy to achieve look and luckily most everyone can pull off a pea coat. You don't need a lot of cash either - Navy surplus stores can provide your jacket and the rest of the pieces can come right out of your current wardrobe. Earn street cred by learning and slinging a few Latin phrases or referencing scripture and Catholic teachings.

Inspo: Irish Heritage. Speaking Latin. Catholicism. Hatred for the Russian Mafia. Brotherhood.

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: Black Pea coat. T-shirt. Jeans. A rosary or cross necklace.


This look is all about looking menacing and non-approachable. But chicks dig the bad boy, so choose this look if you are looking to be approached only by hot girls with daddy issues. To start, go bold in your t-shirt selection (think grime and gore) to give off a killer vibe that's irresistible to the ladies. You don't have to listen to black metal, but plenty of BM bands produced shirts with the imagery you are looking for.

Claiming Illuminati membership and hinting at Satanic worship build your street cred. Face tatts and airsoft battle scars give you the convict look without doing the time. Showering and Xanny addiction is optional.

Inspo: Mumble rappers, black metal, tatt culture, prison culture

Needed Wardrobe Pieces: offensive black metal shirts, lots of tatts, cash wad

Know any hot street styles we missed? Hit us up!


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