Post Malone Speaks Out Against Masks and Covid Lockdown

Post Malone is one of the few Hollywood celebrities to keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics, though he is known to voice his opinion if he feels strongly enough: a few years ago he called out the US Government by calling it the "biggest lie in the world".

Recently, Posty appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and let a few other opinions out during the four-hour long podcast, and pushed back against the strict lockdown measures we have all been struggling with. He also said he is against government-mandated mask wearing since people need to “live their life” and be able to pay their bills.

Rogan commented on the virus by saying “It’s scary what it’s done to the economy; it’s scary what it’s done to civilization”

Post replied “Honestly it’s terrifying,” adding “and I saw, uh, you can get a fine for not wearing a mask, and sometimes it’s up to six hundred f***ing bucks.”

The Covid-19 lockdown has caused many to lose their jobs, and there is no guarantee that there will be jobs left to go back to once the restrictions are finally lifted. Many workplaces are moving towards remote positions and downsizing since business is slow. Rogan asked what would be left of the economy when things are finally over and Post said "nothing".

“Everybody has to live their life,” he continued, “everybody has to be able to survive and pay their bills, and eat.”

Though Malone said that the government should not force people to wear a mask or threaten them with huge fines, he does believe we should be responsible and wear a mask for the sake of protecting one another: “You shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask — but you should [wear one],” Malone added. “And that’s because I respect you as a fellow human.”

“It’s weird to me that there is, it’s like me in school, having to f***ing tuck in your shirt, or else you get detention or whatever. It’s weird to be forced to wear something,” he said. “At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect for other people” ... “It’s not a government thing.”

The Rapper also pointed out liberal Los Angeles policies, noting that in Beverly Hills people who do not comply with the mask mandate are given a $300 fine.

“L.A. is rough … $300 because maybe someone sees you eating and you don’t have a mask on, and then you’re stuck with a f***ing ticket,” he said. “It blows my mind. It’s all about f***ing the responsibly, and your charter, really.”

Most fans are aware that the Texas bred Malone is a gun enthusiast, and back in 2017 he expressed his support for the Second Amendment during a Rolling Stone interview.

“They’re fun, they’re practical, and bad s*** happens,” Malone said, after showing Rolling Stone his guns. “If you hurt me, I’m gonna hurt you back. … Just being in the public eye. I have a lot of valuable s***. I have a lot of friends I wanna protect.”

“The world is going to s***,” he continued. “They’re taking away a lot of our rights. We have a s****y thing going on in the White House – I don’t like Trump. But I don’t think it’s just him. Something’s coming.”

“A lot of people are sensitive about it these days, but it’s an American right to own a gun,” added Malone. “It kinda sucks that now we have to live in fear of going out to a concert, but there’ll always be bad people, and if bad people want firearms, they’ll get ’em no matter what.”

What do you think of the mask mandate? Are you complying?