Hidden Messages in the DNC Logo?

Hidden Messages in the DNC Logo?

When the Democratic party unveiled the logo for this years convention back in February, few gave it a second look. Designed by Milwaukee-based creative firm Zero Studios, the DNC logo looked pretty mundane. Senior designer Steve Kodis said of the logo:

"We wanted to make it really simple and clear logo and identity that was easy to understand"

Somewhere along the way, the logo changed - dropping the Wisconsin silhouette and adopted an outline of the USA. That change drew eyes from conservatives like James Woods and Dean Cain who recently shared a popular Tweet with a different interpretation of the logo that suggests it's filled with another (subliminal) message: Death to America.

Hidden Messages in the DNC Logo?

While the 'Death to America' symbolism might be a stretch, it's easy to see why some people are wondering if Zero Studios and the Democratic Party are indeed sending us a message. With all kinds of Communist propaganda and shouts from the far left calling for the destruction of our great country - you would think someone would have proof read the logo and thought twice about adopting it as official party imagery.

You have to wonder what they were thinking because it's definately in poor taste with all that's been going on.