Feeling Bored? How to Shake Up Your Everyday Life

Feeling Bored? Shake Up Your Everyday Life

In the current pandemic-climate of international culture, we’ve all become a bit bored with the monotony of stay-at-home orders and fewer options for activities outside of the home. So, why not shake things up a bit? With a little research and consideration, you could be engaging in your new and exciting hobby in no time. Below, we take a look at four exciting new hobbies that get you out of your house and having fun.

Rock Climbing

Nothing screams excitement like the thrill of rock climbing. If you’ve always dreamt of learning to rock-climb, wait no longer. You can find an outline of the specific training and gear required to safely take on this new adventure. A great way for beginners to establish and strengthen their climbing skills is by working at an indoor climbing gym. From there, it’s wise to set some climbing goals and decide the type of climbing you wish to pursue. There is boulder climbing which relies on crash mats instead of safety ropes, top-roping which is climbing with the support

and anchoring of a rope that is positioned at the peak of your climb, and lead climbing which is a much more advanced climbing style. Either way, a bit of research and some beginner practice will have you shaking off boredom with your new hobby.


Looking to shake things up? The ultimate in thrill-seeking excitement is surely skydiving. If you’ve never been skydiving, but have always dreamt of doing so, it’s one of the easier hobbies to take up. Skydiving requires little more than desire and the dough. For beginners, skydiving is typically done tandemly with an expertly trained instructor. After a few brief pointers, you’re strapped to the back of your instructor and ready to take the plunge. If you find that after a few tandem jumps, you’re ready for the thrill of independent diving, you may consider completing the skydiving certification courses and exams.

Learn to Ride a Motorcycle

Have you ever imagined cruising down the highway with the wind blowing in your face? Maybe you’ve jealously looked on like a pack of motorcyclists bravely vroom by. The thrill and exhilaration of motorcycle riding can certainly shake-up your boredom blues. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a motorcycle, now is the time. The adage that you only live once should be enough to remind you that there is no better time to pick up this new hobby. Once you’ve purchased a motorcycle, be sure to get motorcycle insurance in Montreal so that you can safely and confidently ride without the threat of financial ruin. Once you’re insured, you’re ready to begin riding. We highly recommend taking lessons and moving slowly. But with a little time and practice, boredom will be a thing of the past.

Storm Chasing

Storm chasing is not a common hobby, but it is simple to take on and delivers the adrenaline you are seeking. Most people hunker down with the onset of tumultuous weather, but there is a rare breed of thrill-seekers who thrive on chasing down mother nature and driving straight into the proverbial belly of the beast. What could be more thrilling an experience than witnessing a storm or tornado in its rawest form? Although this is a dangerous pastime, it can be done safely with the leadership of professional guides. Some companies even specialize in guided storm-chasing tours if you’re a beginner storm chaser.

With the monotony of everyday routines and the same old hobbies and habits, it’s easy to become bored with our lives. If you’re looking for a way to shake up your everyday life you should consider learning a new hobby. There is nothing better than adrenaline pumping through your veins to eradicate boredom and monotony. No matter which of these or other hobbies you land upon, be sure to do so wisely and safely. Do your research, buy your equipment, purchase insurance if required, learn your craft, practice, and most importantly have fun and say goodbye to the boredom blues.