Exploring the Relationship between ED and Self-Esteem

While erectile dysfunction (ED) is a physical condition, it can have psychological causes. The relationship between ED and the self-esteem of the men who have it is a complex one that is worth exploring in depth.

How ED affects Self-Esteem

The reality is that males often associate their sexual performance with their worth. If they feel able to please their partner, then they feel a more positive sense of self than if their partner thinks they were only average in the bedroom.

Being unable to get an erection can damage his identity, both in the moment, and on a more long-term basis. That is particularly true if it happens more than once.

The man may feel his masculinity is under question. Furthermore, the issue can be embarrassing to talk about, which means many couples have trouble coping with it and their relationship suffers as a result. If this occurs, the man with erectile dysfunction may feel responsible for emotional issues between him and the partner.

Also, while this writeup is on the man’s self-esteem, it’s crucial to recognize that women may feel rejected when their husband or boyfriend is unable to perform in the bedroom. She may wonder what they are doing incorrectly or feel unattractive to the partner.

Taking Steps to Improve Confidence

Treatments can go far to improve self-esteem. That is shown by research, as follows.

A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine featured 478 men with ED, giving each of them a questionnaire at two different points in time. They first completed it before they began ED medication and again after three months. The research team found that the average self-esteem scores for the male subjects increased significantly by about 30 points within those three months (out of a total of 100).

Furthermore, having a supportive partner helps treat the condition. There are many ways a partner can be helpful, including providing a comfortable environment for him to talk about the issue. Having a positive mindset and being encouraging and patient is also helpful.

It’s also important for the partner to be supportive of his search for an effective erectile dysfunction treatment from a reputable clinic. Recognizing that it will take time to find the best approach or a combination of approaches, is key. Also, try to continue to help him feel that he is still desired.

A Few Final Words

For men, it is good to remember that almost every male has ED at some point in time, and what matters is how they respond to it. The steps mentioned above can go far toward helping his self-esteem improve, as well as leading the couple to a healthy sex life again.

On the way to improving the condition, the two adults can try other ways to connect intimately, other than intercourse. Doing so can help them maintain a sense of connection without putting pressure on him.

Finally, it is usually a temporary issue, rather than a long-term one. Remembering that can help the couple get through the process, as will knowing there is a range of treatments available.