Easy DIY's for Cleaning Blocked Drains

If you have landed on this page, you will surely be looking for easy DIY's to resolve the problem of blocked drains. It might not come to your notice, but many times, ignoring the blocked drain issues can be problematic. This can also be a serious threat to the health of the people residing in the house. Professional assistance is a must, but with regular cleaning, you can curb down the problem to a great extent. We will discuss a few blocked drains cleaning methods with the ingredients that are easily available in the household or in the market. But make sure that you follow these methods regularly, so that you can get rid of blocked drains easily and quickly.

Easy DIY Methods for Blocked Drains Cleaning:

1. Boiling Water

This is the most common DIY to clean up the drain. However, you must know that boiling water is suitable only if you have a cement pipe. In the case of PVC pipes, you must use hot water. What you need to do is to take some boiling water and pour it down the pipe. You can repeat this process twice to get rid of greasy and fatty particles sticking around the pipe.

2. Baking Soda And White Vinegar

Another popular DIY method for blocked drains cleaning is using a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. To prepare this mixture, you need to add baking soda to white vinegar in equal amounts and pour the mixture into the sink drain. Cover the opening of the drain and let the mixture work on it. For better results, you can pour this mixture in the night and cover the sink pipe opening, allowing the mixture to work overnight. The reaction between vinegar and baking soda produces oxygen, which clears up the grease and fatty particles sitting around the pipe. After that, you can flush the pipe with water to clear up the residue.

3. Wire Hanger

This is the easiest way for blocked drained cleaning. All you need is a metal coat hanger. Unbend it and create a small hook at one end. Feed the hanger into the sink pipe and fish out any object or debris lying there in the pipe.

4. Check The U-Bend

One of the probable reasons for the blocked drain is the U-shaped pipe beneath it. Often, this part of the pipe gets deposited with a lot of dirt and debris, which may cause the blockage. To clean it up, you would need to keep a bucket beneath the U pipe, unscrew the pipe and clean it up.

These were some of the easy DIY blocked drains cleaning methods that you can easily follow at home. Some of the precautionary steps that you must take are to discard the leftover food in the bin before washing it in the sink. Keep a check on children; they may sometimes drop their toys in the toilet, which may block them. Don't throw tissues, papers, and sanitary pads into the toilet. These basic steps can help in keeping the drains clean.

What's Next?

If you are unable to clear it yourself and the problem has aggravated, you need to connect with a professional plumber who can help resolve the problem. They have advanced equipment and tools that help them identify the otherwise invisible problem. Make sure that you choose a professional and experienced plumber for this task.

Concluding Thoughts

Blocked drains cleaning can be a simple task if you know how to do it and regularly follow it. The tips mentioned above will help you with the same. However, if the problem persists, then you must seek the help of a professional.


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