Do You Have a Shower Gun?

Should you keep a gun in the shower?

You never know when an intruder is going to strike. If the perp took the time to stalk his prey then the most likely attack time is when you least expect it - like when you're taking a shower. You could arm yourself for bath time fun with a water blaster like the one above, or you could take things more seriously and gear up for the unexpected by keeping a shower gun.

The guys over at Prepper-Resources think that it's an absolute necessity. The website took an in-depth look at the how to of keeping a gun close by and water tight. What they concluded was a DIY gun storage system like you see below and it only cost $15.

We think it's a little extreme but there are plenty of stories of home invasions that went wrong. One guy even caught a bad guy while taking a bath. The invader used a crawl space and trap door to get inside the house and could be seen stalking the place for days on security cameras. Luckily, the home owner was ready with his trusted shower gun and was able to chase the guy off.

If you decide to add to your home defense set up, here are a few more shower gun ideas we came across. Just be careful - you don't want to shoot your significant other when they come in for some shower fun.

What do you think? Is a shower gun necessary for home defense?