Columbia Outdoors Possible Nazi Ties?

Columbia Outdoors Possible Nazi Ties?

Some theorists have suggested that popular outdoor clothing brand Columbia Sportswear has a hidden meaning in their company logo: a swastika. We couldn't help but notice the similarities, so we did a little research to see if it could be true. Here is what we found.

Such as the case with Volkswagen, Columbia Sportswear does have some Nazi Germany connections according to Wikipedia though the connection is not what we expected: the multi billion dollar brand was founded by Paul and Marie Lamfrom who fled Nazi Germany in 1937. The Lamfrom's owned the largest t-shirt factory in Germany at the time and fled once the factory was seized by the Nazi regime.

The couple purchased the Rosenfeld Hat Company in 1938 which they would rename as the Columbia Hat Company after the nearby Columbia River. The company changed hands several times after Paul's death but stayed in the family as the company image morphed into an outdoor lifestyle brand.

Their daughter Gert Boyle would become president of the company in 1970 and remain in the position before stepping down in 1988. Gert said that when she arrived in the United States she did not speak English and said that her grandmother had stayed behind in Nazi Germany only to die in a concentration camp. The family has German - Jewish ancestry.

So it seems that any swastika connotations to the company logo are unintentional, or perhaps just a reminder of the family's struggles and adversities in achieving their success.