Carry Fails That Make Us Cringe

In the last year millions of guns have found a new home. We even added to our collection and picked up a few new accessories to make sure that our self defense options are well taken care of. We also hit the range when the lockdowns allowed for it and booked some additional training to sharpen our skills.

Our goal is to be well prepared citizens capable of defending against those who aim to harm us. It's just common sense but as you know not everyone has common sense. Some get lucky and avoid harm, others end up as casualties due to their stupidity. That's because too many gun owners are just looking to show off and look cool. Like the guys below.

Check out these cringe worthy hand gun fails below. We are pretty sure (and hope) that some of them are all in good fun meant for a laugh. But at least a few of the pics are genuine, which means that some pretty stupid people are waling the streets.

Knowing how to use your weapon is vital. If you're going to carry a weapon it's even more important to seek training. If you're thinking about buying some tactical accessories or modifying your new gun purchase, read this article first to avoid looking like a noob.