Carpets vs Laminate - Which One is Best for Your Home?

Carpets vs Laminate - Which One is Best for Your Home?

The time has come to install new floors in your home, and it often comes down to choosing between carpets and laminate. Which one is best for your home? There is no one right answer here as it depends on many factors. Some people may want something that’s easy to maintain while others want something that will be comfortable and luxurious. Others might be reoccupied with the budget first and foremost. This is why you need to look at both options in detail before you make your final choice. Let’s look at some of the key factors you should use to make this decision.

Cleanliness and Care

One benefit of laminate is that it’s generally easier to clean. You can sweep or mop it with no issues. It is similar to hardwood floors in this regard. Unfortunately, laminate floors may look dirtier than carpets because they don’t hide dirt or stains. One strike against carpets is the fact that they absorb everything. They’ll trap pollen, dust, odors, and moisture. You have to vacuum carpets regularly to pull these things out, and it is recommended that they be deep steam cleaned once a year. This makes laminate a better choice if you have allergies. Laminate is the right choice if you hate cleaning. Carpet is acceptable in bedrooms and living rooms, assuming people don’t eat or drink in these rooms very often.


Carpet and laminate both last 8 to 15 years, depending on the level of wear and tear. Both low-end laminate and cheap carpet may last as little as three years. Laminate gets points for being easier to repair if it is damaged. Simply snap a new piece of laminate into place. Repairing worn carpet requires cutting out the piece, cutting a replacement piece to the same size, and sewing it into place.


This is purely a matter of personal preference. Laminate can be made to look like hardwood floors or stone. Carpets come in every colour imaginable, and they come in a variety of textures and thicknesses. Visit local carpet fitters with a wide selection to learn more about your options.


Carpet is softer than laminate, which makes it more pleasant to walk on than laminate. Carpet can also make your home more comfortable overall. For example, it serves as insulation, and this can help keep your home warmer. Carpet can also dampen noise and make your home quieter. Laminate, on the other hand, isn’t just hard but helps the noise to carry further.

Moisture Resistance

Laminate can be used in areas where carpet can suffer from mildew or rot. This is because laminate won’t soak up moisture. This makes it the only reasonable choice for bathrooms and other high-humidity rooms. You could install it in your kitchen or basement, too. Carpet is only an option in the basement if the basement is waterproof.

Both laminate and carpet can be a great choice for your home. Consider how the space is used, what your family needs, and the type of maintenance you want to do to determine which type of flooring is right for a given room.