Bring the Outside In and Enhance Your Work Environment

With employees spending between 8 and 9 hours working in an office indoors for five days a week, it is no surprise that motivation and energy levels drop towards Friday. The weekend offers a sanctuary of fresh air, natural light, and ventilation, which helps to refresh employees before the working week begins on Monday. However, two days at the weekend in an outdoor environment is not enough to sustain employees for the entire week, which is why productivity levels drop off later in the working week. Bringing the outside in can enhance a stale work environment and revitalize your employees. Here’s how to do it:

Indoor Plants

Plants not only look aesthetic, but many act as air purifiers which can help with ventilation in the

office. This means that your employees will be less exhausted and feel better because they are able to energize themselves with fresh air. Bigger plants, like Monstera or Large Palms, can also absorb noise, which can make the office environment quieter and therefore help improve concentration.

Living Walls

Just as plants allow your office to breathe better, living walls can do this on an even bigger scale.

They can be an important staple in creating a natural environment indoors. However, looking after a living wall can be a commitment, and unless you have a dedicated employee available to look after the wall, you may waste a lot of money. By opting for VistaGreen’s artificial living wall, your office can still benefit from the calming aesthetics of the living wall, but you won’t need to worry about caring for the plants.

Get Rid of Blinds

Allow more natural light into the office by getting rid of blackout blinds. These signal to our internal body clocks that it is night time, which makes employees tired and less focused. Increasing the amount of natural light not only allows employees to get an all important vitamin D hit, but boosts the moods of individuals. Just as a sunny day can make everything seem better, brighter light in the office can create a happy and positive ambiance. Just make sure that the sunlight, entering the office through windows or doors, doesn’t create a glare on computer screens or cause employees to squint.

Use Natural Materials

Ditch the plastic, white and clinical feel that lacks inspiration and is disconnected from the outside world. Instead, make use of wooden furniture, stone flooring and natural colors to create an outdoor environment that encourages tranquility in order to destress the office. Even adding a

water feature that is reminiscent of a botanical garden, or a feature wall with a mural, can boost the mood of office employees.

These are only a few ways that you can bring the outside in; there are many more low-cost ways

that are effective for improving the office environment. However, you can never go wrong with plants - whether real or fake - as they are integral to the outside world, and are so important to

recreating a natural environment in the office.