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A Guide To Clean And Maintain Industrial Concrete Flooring

Cleaning And Maintaining Industrial Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are sturdy, reliable, and look pleasing. Industrial concrete flooring has specific requirements based on thickness, flatness, and the load that it can take. Different types of construction help in building industrial concrete flooring. Although concrete floorings are sturdy and durable, you need to clean and maintain it. In this blog, we are going to discuss the ways to maintain the concrete flooring.

Long Strip Construction


This is one of the best ways to produce sturdy, long-lasting, and good quality industrial flooring. 


Large Area Construction

With the advancement of technology, laser-controlled concrete flooring can be built very quickly. All you need is a laser and slabs of concrete. This concrete flooring is best suited for floors that have low storage, and flatness is not required.

6 Steps To Make Industrial Concrete Flooring


Before understanding how to maintain and clean industrial flooring, it is important to learn about how the process is used to build industrial concrete flooring.

- The concrete is laid down with engineered precision and vibration

- Manual spreading of concrete, and then dry shakes are sprinkled 

- Use the hardener to evenly spread out

- Use the operator to even out the flooring

- Close the pores and add finishing touches

- Add shine so that it looks new and finished


You must know that cleaning industrial concrete flooring is very demanding and not the same as indoor flooring. Concrete is an exceptionally durable material, and hence a lot of effort is required to remove the dirt as it is porous and easily accumulates dust. 


Power Washer

One of the easiest ways to clean industrial concrete flooring is with the use of a power washer. All the accumulated grime, dirt and dust will be washed away with this machine. Carefully read the instructions before you start using the machine. You can begin with spraying detergent on the dirty floor and spreading it with a hard brush. Avoid using a metal bristle brush as metal fibers may get engulfed in the concrete and rust over a period. Ensure your eyes and hands are protected with goggles and gloves, respectively.


There are different types of cleaning solutions that you can prepare yourself, a few of which are discussed below:

1. If you are wondering how to remove nasty stains from the concrete floor, then you must make a solution of bleach or ammonia, whichever is available. Use this solution to clean the floor, and you will notice that the stubborn stains on the floor will vanish.


2. Another solution is to mix hydrogen peroxide and flour and spread it on the stained area with the help of a plastic scraper. After a couple of minutes, just remove the mixture, and you will see that the stain has gone. 


3. Another ingredient that you should use while cleaning industrial concrete flooring is trisodium

phosphate. Use a nylon bristle brush to apply and scrub. The stain will be gone after a few minutes.


4. One of the best ingredients to remove dirty and stubborn stains is muriatic acid. Whether it is dried grout or rust, use this ingredient with precaution as it is immensely powerful. Ensure you wear goggles, gloves and read the instructions clearly before application. 


Cleaning industrial concrete flooring is easy if you know how and use the right ingredients and equipment to remove the dirt, dust, and stains. To make the flooring resistant to stains, use a paint roller and apply it to the primed concrete. Every two years, the flooring should be resealed. 


Polished concrete floors are cleaned easily. Unpolished concrete floors are difficult, and it is a task to remove the dust and dirt. The cleaning process should start with basically removing the dirt and dust on the floor and then use the stain remover solutions and equipment to erase the stubborn and nasty stains on the unpolished concrete floor.

With the above-mentioned cleaning options, you can surely enhance the longevity of the concrete flooring.


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