A Collection of Rare Adam Lanza Photos, Videos, and More

Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

We like to right click and screen grab interesting things that we come across on the internet. We do it because anything controversial tends to get scrubbed. Call us crazy, but we have seen it happen. Just look at all the Twitter accounts that were recently suspended and blocked - how much information do you think was lost?

Eventually all that information we collect makes its way into a reseach article, but there are always a few things that didn't quite fit or that we just haven't had the time to write on. Such is the case with the Sandy Hook Scool Shooting and Adam Lanza material we present below. We know that there are a lot of researchers out there, so feel free to save it and share it.

A common rumor is that Lanza wrote online under the name of "Smiggles". If that is true, there are some screenshots with that pen name in the gallery above. Also included are some other interesting things related to the case. Some are hard to read when enlarged - we did our best.

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