6 Advantages of an SUV That Can Change Your Life

6 Advantages of an SUV That Can Change Your Life

Current SUV owners already know about the many advantages of all-wheel drive and high ground clearance vehicles. However, for those who are thinking of replacing a city sedan with an SUV, it may become quite new information. The SUV class encompasses several types of construction and features that determine the mode of operation. In the future, this gradually changes the life and worldview of the owner.

With an SUV, routine trips will turn into enjoyable family leisure events. Moreover, you will be able to visit places where you have never been to before. Your vehicle will always be at hand and the places it can go will be limited only by your imagination. In this article, we gathered six advantages of an SUV that can change your life.

1. Country roads are no longer an obstacle

The safety margin set by the designers will also be useful in the city. For example, pits and potholes, where regular sedans lose their wheel caps, bent wheel rims, and cut off mufflers, will turn into subtle jolts. It doesn't even matter whether the car has four-wheel drive and axle blocking features because large wheels and high ground clearance can easily cope with 90 percent of defects found on country roads. Moreover, you shouldn’t avoid mono-drive models when choosing an SUV.

2. An SUV is a smart decision if you regularly meet bad road conditions

Suburbanites know how difficult it can be to get to the office due to winter snowfall. Getting just a quarter of a mile from your home parking spot to the road can turn into an insurmountable obstacle for a sedan that helplessly grinds wet snow instead of driving.

On such days your best travel companion is a shovel, or a friendly neighbor with a Jeep willing to offer you a ride to the metro station or bus stop. Riding on the bus with wet feet is when you will more than likely to decide to become the owner of an SUV with a full 4×4. However, it is important not to be tempted by expensive brands and spectacular styling when shopping for your new SUV : a cool head and brand impartiality are more important when you decide to buy or lease a Jeep. Features are more important than looks - so choose wisely.

3. In dense city traffic, an SUV is more efficient than on an open off-road

A high seating position provides enhanced visibility. It is easier to predict the traffic situation, which helps out inexperienced and slow drivers. However, there is a nuance here due to the fact that the seat is higher in frame models. That’s why frame construction is not suitable for tall drivers due to the limited distance between the floor and the ceiling.

For example, many basketball players choose from a list of monocoque models. You should also know that the type of construction has almost no effect on the cost of the car. However, if a car is bought for extreme off-roading you should consider only frame options. The load-bearing body gets tired faster from torsional loads. It can develop problems with closing the doors and the hatches lose their tightness faster.

4. SUVs are great for long-distance travel

If you are going to travel a lot, you want your vehicle to be comfortable and provide good gas mileage. It is better to choose a car among diesel modifications. In terms of fuel costs, it will not be more expensive than a turbocharged car and in terms of comfort, it will be no worse than a tourist bus. In addition, car travelers should pay additional attention to the number of seats. Some models include a third row of seats, where it is not difficult to endure a long journey even for adult passengers. However, the additional row is more often intended for the children.

Considering the unstable quality of diesel fuel, deep diagnostics of a heavy fuel vehicle is a must-have. However, you shouldn't discount petrol versions of SUV's. Installing natural gas equipment on a gasoline SUV will reduce fuel costs to a sane amount. As a result, you will spend not much money as if you fill the mid-size sedan. However, you should consider that you can't attach a carriage with a jet ski or an ATV to a sedan but can easily do this with your SUV.

5. The chances of surviving an accident are much higher

It is important to understand that driving on any road places your family at a higher risk. In the case of a car crash, the laws of physics are working against you and major injuries are a real possibility. While a person in the SUV's cabin is never completely protected from injury, statistics show that the survival rate is much higher for SUV drivers and passengers than in many other types of vehicles.

Hitting a concrete block is equally dangerous for both an SUV and a hatchback. However, the weight and dimensions of an SUV help add a layer of safety when cars collide. The most common impact site is usually around the passenger seat. In the average sedan, this places the passenger's body near the level of the bumper of an SUV - exposing the occupant to the risk of potentially serious or even fatal injuries. The passive safety features of an SUV are better at protecting passengers than those in sedans, hatchbacks, etc.

6. SUVs retain their value better than other cars

Almost every car owner sooner or later is going to sell a car. All-wheel drive vehicles like SUV's are in continuous demand in any economic situation. That’s why they are easy to sell and lose less value when your are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

To keep the value of your vehicle high, perform all routine maintenance to increase the service life and keep the service records to show a potential buyer. Most of us look for a vehicle that has a good 'curb appeal' so be careful about tormenting your SUV in heavy off-road conditions and try to keep the body in good shape.