5 Uncommon Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse

5 Uncommon Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse

Things are looking a little bit shaky right now. We are still in the grips of a pandemic which has lasted for over a year, and no one can give us a clear answer as to when things we get back to normal if they ever do. That means you should accept change and prepare for the worst.

During 2020, we saw toilet paper shortages and plenty of common household items go out of stock indefinitely. And it doesn't look like manufacturing is going to return to normal anytime soon. That means there will continue to be shortages on many goods, and some areas have already reported food shortages and price inflation. If you're not prepping by now, you're crazy.

Many of the more forward thinking types are sitting on stockpiles of ammo and canned goods. But that alone shouldn't make you feel secure. There are plenty of uncommon items that will be in demand if the apocalypse comes, which is why we put together this list.

5 Uncommon Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse

Office Supplies

If SHTF things like pens and pencils, notebooks and paper products are going to be valuable. These things run out and without electronics, everyone will be forced to revert to old fashioned means of communications. We don't expect to keep a diary of life during the apocalypse, but we do expect that there will be plenty of important information to record. One office supply we always keep on hand is a pencil sharpener. Find out why in this article.

Self-Care Items

Just about everyone has been hoarding toilet paper, but how about things like soap and deodorant? These trivial items might seem like an unnecessary luxury that you can do without, but if you have ever went camping then you know just how much a hot shower can make you feel human again.

Spend a few bucks on some bars of soap and deodorant. Also consider feminine hygiene products for your wife or daughters, chapstick and things like a few big bottes of shampoo can last a long time and make things more bearable.

5 Uncommon Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse


No one likes to admit it, but we all have a vice. Go a few days without your vice and you are going to feel foggy headed, grumpy, and possibly even suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Even caffeine and coffee can be a real bitch to go without. And if things go south, you're going to regret having to quit a habit cold turkey.

That is why you should plan ahead and stock up on your vices. We're not encouraging you to start a habit and drink away the apocalypse, but you should be ready to ween off of the problem slowly by having enough to get you through. Things like tobacco, booze, recreational pain killers, etc. can be hell to quit.

If you are lucky enough to say that none of these apply to you, it still make sense to prep the items since someone in the family may have an addiction of some sort. Vices will also be valuable trade chips worth their weight in gold. Medicinal marijuana users should also plan ahead for their needs.

Comfort Items

If you're a survivalist, then you know that a deck of cards can serve a lot of purposes beyond card games. They can help you mark a path or count off distance. But a few hands of Poker or Go Fish might be just the ticket to staying sane in tough times. Keep a few decks in your stockpile along with other small games for entertainment and mental stimulation.

Other comfort items like crayons or coloring books can help ease the situation for small children: For adults, keep a solid library of books in the house that covers a variety of topics including gardening, home and car repair, water filtration etc. Physical copies of valuable knowledge will be priceless if cellphones are dead and tablets can't be recharged.

5 Uncommon Items to Stockpile for the Apocalypse


Sure, you have a whole closet full of clothes but like everything else on our list these items are perishable. Socks, underwear, and shoes all wear out which is why having extras on hand makes sense. Consider your region and weather conditions to know what will be in demand. Things like gloves and jackets could be a necessity.

Rather than donate everything during spring cleaning, keep a tote full of basic clothing items in good condition on hand for later. If you're on a budget and can't afford to stockpile Hanes, visit the local Goodwill and consider stocking up on $2 t-shirts in popular sizes for later. They could be valuable barter items even if you don't end up needing them.


Most of the items on our list are taken for granted until they are gone. That's why it makes sense to plan ahead for tough times by stocking up along the way. Set a budget and spend a few dollars every week building your survival essentials.


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