5 Risky But Worth It Places to Have Sex

5 Risky But Worth It Places to Have Sex

Keeping the passion in a relationship takes work, but one way to keep the fire burning is to amp up your sex life by trying a few new places to get frisky. Here they are ranked in increasing riskiness. Try them if you dare.

The Couch

Plenty of couples fall into the rut of the sex right before bed, shortly after scrolling social media or watching TV. It doesn't take long for the passion to die when sex is basically scheduled for the same time and place every time.

That is why it's worth mixing things up and trying a new spot and the couch is a good start - as long as the kids or roommates are not around. The height is perfect to pump and grind, or try oral techniques. Sure, the couch isn't the riskiest spot but it is a good start to new sexual adventures.

In the Car

This can be as risky as you want it to be. Begineers should start slow by looking for a secluded location, preferably at night. Maybe a little fingering or oral to start the fire that you take home to finish. Just keep an eye out for approaching headlights.

Work your way up to riskier locations, just be warned ths could be a crime if you get caught. So half the fun for many car sex participants is the risk of getting caught, but you want to plan accordingly so that you don't actually get seen.


Go camping, visit a local park, just take it outside to add some spice to an otherwise stagnant sex life. The same rules apply as with car sex - you don't want to get caught. But that doesn't mean you can't take a few risks just choose accordingly.

Camping is a great place to get started with outdoor sex - just be aware that lights or a fire can cast a shadow that everyone can see. Hopefully, showers are close by for cleaning up after a day of hiking otherwise the smell could turn off your potential partner.

At the Movies

The movie theater can be a good place to try some sex moves. Your best bet to fulfill this fantasy is by preparing ahead of time. Women should wear a skirt for easy access, and the movie you choose should be the worst one playing since the theater has a good chance of being empty. It also makes sense to choose something R rated so no kids are around. You DO NOT want to try sex at the movies when kids are around. That's sick.

At Work

You might lose your job, but you hated it anyway. We just don't know how you can explain why you were terminated to your next employer. But if you decide to try sex at work, again pre-planning is key. Let your significant other know what your thinking ahead of time, have a low traffic spot picked out, and if the coast is clear let you significant other know that things are a go by sending a text message. Just be fast, which shouldn't be a problem given the excitement of getting it on in a risky spot.

Have you tried any of these risky places to have sex? How did it go?