5 Popular Home Decorating Styles For Guys That Are Affordable

If you are a new homeowner or just moving into your first apartment, personalizing your space is a must. Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable is a way to recharge after the stress of hard work and a fast paced life - and contrary to popular opinion, plenty of guys want Pinterest worthy spaces to call home as well. They just don't know where to start when it comes to creating a pulled together look. As a result many are too embarrased to have friends and family over, or to afraid to invite a date back to their place since they don't think their home measures up.

Personalizing a space to reflect your unique style can cost a fortune if you try to keep up with the latest trends. But not all of us have the budget to go out and buy a house full of furniture and decorations when starting out. You might be working with furniure donated by parents and friends, or hunting in thrift stores looking for what you need. The good news is you can make thrift store finds and DIY items into a cohesive look to style any place.

Some of the hottest trending home decor looks are affordable while still coming across as masculine. We did the reasearch and found 5 easy to achieve looks that fit into a man's lifestyle. These decorating ideas give you a chance to build a home that fits your style and personality perfectly without breaking the bank.


Cottagecore is a new trending style focused on returning to a simpler way of living. Despite its roots on social media, cottagecore aims to reduce the reliance on technology and focuses on nature and the outdoors. That makes it a great choice for guys looking to up the style of their apartment or house on a budget.

To get the look, focus on vintage pieces and crafts. Some in Generation Z call cottagecore #grandmastyle but they mean it in a good way. You don't have to surround yourself in knitted crafts and old lady decor to create a comfortable atmosphere. Up the manly factor by focusing on the DIY and nature aspects of the look. Think of camping and outdoor life and try to portray that in your home with muted colors like greens and yellows, then accessorize with handmade art, one of a kind items, and wood furniture. Let your unique personality show.

If you have a few bucks to spend, a fireplace (or a tv stand that includes one) is a great investment. Though a TV kind of defeats the anti-technology aspect, you could try to find a piece that completely hides the TV or atleast things like video game consoles and cable boxes. A few plants around the room can help bring the outdoors in and complete your look.


Pronounced “hoo-gah”, hygge is a style that focuses on happiness and contentment by creating a homey vibe. Originating from Danish culture, there are no real rules to follow when it comes to creating a hygge vibe in your place. Know it or not, you probably already have a bit of a hygge atmosphere and just need to up your accessories to take it to the next level.

Hygge is all about surrounding yourself with the the things you love. So now you have a perfect excuse for that big screen tv and video game system. Up your game by adding a fireplace tv stand to the living room with storage areas which will help hide some clutter. Sit back and think about the atmosphere you want to create in your home. Cozy and comfortable after a long day of work sounds great to us, so keeping a supply of warm blankets and soft pillows within arms reach of the couch is a good start.

Make your place visitor friendly by having a primo selection of coffee and tea in the pantry. If you like to enjoy drinks after work, a small bar stocked with a few whiskeys or wine will do the trick. You can always keep a few sweet treats on hand just like grandma. Just don't eat too much or you'll get fat - save them for visitors. Pick up a few candles to cover any weird smells, and add some soft lighting to establish atmosphere. Hygge is about natural vibes, so a faux fur blanket or carpet and some wood accents will help accentuate the style.


Most of us are atleast somewhat familiar with minamalist style. It has become increasingly popular as people look to live debt free (or get out of debt) and focus on the things that matter rather than obsess over their careers and material possessions. Minamalism is all about doing more with less so you can focus on things like family and friends, or hobbies and travel.

Adopting a minamalist style doesn't mean you have to live in one of those tiny homes or convert a van into an apartment on wheels (as cool as we think that would be). The principles of minamalism as we interpret them are easy to follow and make a lot of sense: buy what you need, get rid of what you don't, and think twice before adding something new to your house.

The good thing is that minamalism saves you money and gives you a better chance of living out your passions. We like to think of it like this: is the thing I am about to buy adding value to my life or helping me get where I want to be? In other words, is buying stuff costing me an unfair amount in terms of hours worked and freedom lost? If the answer is yes, then you don't need it.

Implement a minamalist style to your space by starting off with an inventory of all the stuff you own. If it's not being used, or has not been used in months - decide if you really need it. Donate all that unnecessary stuff, then think twice next time you're out shopping and about to buy something new. Over time you'll notice that you have fewer chores with less stuff to maintain, more time, and a bigger savings account.


Industrial style focuses on simplicity and cleanliness. Think of a more formal approach to minamalism. That doesn't mean that your apartment or house needs to feel clinical like a doctors office, but you should focus on the principles of minalmalism and keep things organized, clutter-free, and simple.

Industrial style is popular with guys because it is acceptable to have plenty of concrete, metal, and exposed natural surfaces on display. Think of the house a welder or construction worker would build without the help of an interior designer. You can show off a cool set of gears you found at a scrap yard, or even park a motorcycle in the middle of the space if you have the room and it's all good with industrial style.

Soften the look and make it more lady friendly by choosing a couch with soft materials, incorporate plenty of lighting, and add a few things like family photos to make it more home-like and less like an office space. Usually, industrial style focuses on neutral colors like black, white, or gray. The best look is achieved by blending all three, and avoiding too much dark stuff to keep things from feeling heavy. Find a cool abstract painting (or make one) to hang on the wall to add a splash of color.

Rustic and Farmhouse

The farmhouse look is probably the most popular home decorating style right now. Usually, if something is popular we tend to avoid it but in the case of rustic and farmhouse decor count us on board. The great thing with this decorating style is that just about anything goes and it can be very affordable. It's also loved by plenty of women, so adding a few of the touches to your place can help create an inviting environment.

The key to a rustic or farmhouse look is to blend the old with the new. An otherwise trendy, bourgeoise piece of furniture can be incorporated next to farmhouse pieces to create a high end look without costing a fortune. Exposed brick looks great, but you can also paint a brick wall to match colors with the decor. Don't worry about things looking worn or used - that's the point.

DIY types will love this style because it's perfectly acceptable to build items from commonly available lumber and parts from your local big box home improvement store. You can even refinish or whitewash old furniture you already have to give it a new look. To keep the rustic and farmhouse style manly, stay away from accesories with cows and chickens and focus on the home built DIY aspect. You can even proudly display a set of antlers on the wall if you so choose.

Comment below and tell us what looks you love, and which ones you hate.