5 Easy Ways to Re-Energize for 2021

5 Easy Ways to Re-Energize for 2021

2020 was a rough year for everyone. The virus brought the world to a stand still and has made many of us feel vulnerable and even hopeless. We are here to tell you that not all is bad, in fact we were even able to find a few positves that came from 2020. Here are a few takeaways from the COVID pandemic, and 5 easy things you can do to re-energize for the new year.

Accept Change

Going forward into 2021 things are just different. There just isn't any way around it. You can accept change or burn out trying to fight it. You don't have to agree with everything that officials propose, but spending your energy fighting the man is just going to sap your energy and distract you from what is most important - your family, home life, and friends.

Covid meant that many of us had more time at home, but not necessarily with our loved ones. Most likely it's been awhile since you have seen extended family, relatives, and friends. WIth social distancing requirements, a lot of people lost touch with these loved ones and the time is now to reach out before those relationships are lost.

Focus on keeping loved ones in the loop and rebuild the relationships that suffered during 2020 by embracing change and re-establish those connections with video chats, starting a family email group, or even sending out old fashioned letters to say hello.

Build a Savings

One reason that Covid and 2020 left so many of us feeling insecure is that we saw just how quickly and drastically things can go bad. Many people struggled to pay bills or buy groceries when suddenly their incomes went away.

The takeaway is realizing just how important having some sort of savings is. Sure, we hear it all the time - save for the future - but 2020 taught us that all those worriers are right. You need to build a nest egg or savings because things can happen over night.

Many people got stimulus checks, and while we are not judging what anyone spent their money on - the smart people used atleast some of the money to pay down some debts or start a savings. Having a little bit of money set aside isn't only smart, it helps you feel a little more secure.

Focus on Newly Discovered Hobbies

Plenty of us picked up a new hobby or two during 2020 since we had so much time inside. The positive side of this is that we all had a chance to think about what is most important and what brings us joy. And anything that can make you smile is a good thing.

Plenty of homeowners took the time to complete home repairs themselves when contractors couldn't come to the rescue. Besides completing home repairs that had been put off for too long, many discovered that they were DIY'ers all along. Others took the time to build their crafting skills, learned how to use their 3D printers, or expanded their collection of collectibles.

Whatever you did, we are willing to bet you picked up a new hobby. Spend 2021 fully embracing your new hobby and if you can, share it with loved ones and friends to strengthen old bonds and build new ones.

Focus On All Kinds of Health

The lockdowns meant that gyms everywhere closed, forcing us to find creative ways to stay healthy. Plenty of people built a home gym and were able to stay in shape or even lose weight now that we had more time to exercise.

The downside of being in doors so much is that mental health suffers. Probably the most overlooked consequence (in our opinion) of Covid is that many people suffered from anxiety and depression from being inside, away from loved ones, so much.

That's why if you want to re-energize in 2021 you really need to focus on mental health. A good way to start the year on the right foot is by eliminating negative thoughts and beginning a mindfulness program. A lot of good information can be found at BetterHelp.com, and if you think a licensed therapist is needed you can find one that offers online sessions.

Become Part of the Remote Workforce

Due to the pandemic, may workplaces scrambled to find a way to maintain operations. Some were able to do this by implementing work at home programs for their employees. While WAH isn't perfect for everyone, it is mostly a positive experience for those who have been doing it.

If you have not joined the new work at home culture then 2021 is the time to give it a try. Not only do you save on expenses like gas - the time savings is significant. No commute or traffic, and being able to head right to your home gym after logging off for the day means that there is no excuse not to work out. WAH might be just what you need to feel energized for the new year.