5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Workouts

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Workouts

You can put as much time in the gym as a world class bodybuilder, but if you don't have things right outside the gym - you just will not see the results you want. That's because athletes know that what happens away from the gym is just as important as hitting the weights. If you have plateaued in your workouts, or are not seeing the results you want - here are 5 easy ways to improve your workouts and increase their effectiveness.


Eating right is a fundamental building block of exercise. You need to provide the right fuel for recovery and know how many calories you need to reach your goal. Working out is not an excuse for multiple cheat days a week. In fact, too many cheat days is going to bog you down and slow muscle growth and recovery.

Take a hard look at your diet and identify the things that you make excuses to eat. Read the labels on your protein and bars too - a lot of times manufactures sneak sugar into the mix to improve the taste. Some are as bad as a candy bar.


Some say stretch before a workout, others say do it after. Everyone agrees that stretching is absolutely necessary to prevent injuries and maintain flexibility - something that's easily lost when lifting heavy weights. Experiment with the right time to do it, and make sure to stretch for ten minutes daily to maximize muscle growth and endurance.


Athletes look for any edge that they can get, and enhancing focus through visualization and meditation is one way that champions get that edge. That's why it should be part of every serious athletes ritual.

Meditation helps to clear out negative thoughts that can hold you back, and allows you to prepare for a lifting session by focusing on the task at hand. There are different forms of meditation, including one called mindfulness therapy that you can learn about at this link https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/what-is-mindful-therapy/. Whatever method you employ, make it part of your daily routine.


Diet goes a long way towards recovering from hard workouts, but rest and relaxation is arguably just as important. That means getting enough sleep, and allowing time between workouts to rebuild torn muscle fibers.

Make sure you are getting good quality sleep by winding down at least an hour before bed by dimming lights or turning most of them off. Sleep trackers and many fitness bands can help analyze your sleep as well. Avoid cell phones before bed because the bright lights can negatively impact how long it takes you to fall asleep, and the scrolling of social media can keep the mind active well into a sleep cycle.


The body is smart, and will do whatever it can to stay lazy. To keep progressing in your workouts, you have to mix things up from time to time. That means varying the types and forms of exercise you do.

One way to keep tricking your body into growth is by doing the exercises you hate first, or even doing just those hated movements for a whole workout from time to time. Another trick to try is varying the type of workouts you do. If your a bodybuilder, try an occasional boxing session or tennis match to hit muscles that otherwise go untrained.


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