5 Buyers That Will Make You Hate Selling on EBay

Plenty of people maintain eBay storefronts as a side hustle that helps raise a little cash. We sell collectibles from time to time ourselves, esentially selling unwanted stuff to fund new puchases. Along the way, we have noticed certain types of buyers that make us think about giving up on eBay all together - here are 5 buyers that you are sure to encounter atleast once:

The Oops Buyers

We recenly had a guy message us to ask if we could cancel a purchase because he realized that he already owned the item. We obliged, but eBay isn't Amazon - you can't just return an item because you changed your mind. This will happen to us atleast a couple times a year, and we are a small seller. It's not a huge deal to reverse a transaction, but you may miss out on another buyer and have to spend the time to make sure Paypal and eBay credit the transaction correctly.

The Remorseful Buyer

This guy or gal is someone who bids high to win the auction, then later has second thoughts on spending so much. Usually, they will send a message after the auction closes asking you to cancel the transaction. Chances are the wife got mad at spending so much cash. As a seller, you pretty much have to cancel the sale or as our experience shows - they will leave unfair negative feedback to hurt your business.

The Bargain Hunters

EBay has an option to accept 'offers' and the bargain hunters take advantage of this chance by sending ridiculous low ball offers. We even had a guy repeatedly send us offers on multiple items that were just a small percentage of the very fair price we were asking. We are more than willing to work with a buyer on the price, but this guy messaged us to say (and we quote) "well this only costs $15 new, why are you asking $20?"

This guy obviosuly does not know how the collectibles market works. Things gain value. Can you imagine telling the owner of Superman number 1 that it only cost .10 cents when new? We sent him a message back saying that we recently visited the BMW dealer and used his reasoning to negotiate the price, telling the dealer that the car only costs half of the price they were asking to manufacture so we wanted the car for that price. He didn't respond.

The No Feedback Buyers

We work really hard to make sure everyone who buys from us has a positive experience. We include business cards and a few extras in every order like stickers - regardless of how large or small the sale was. Despite our efforts, at least half of buyers never leave us feedback. That's pretty common on eBay, so if you choose to start an eBay store prepare to work hard to build a solid feedback score. Some people just never seem to be happy.

The Slow Payers

Every now and then we get a buyer who wins an auction or does a 'buy it now' then doesn't pay. The slow payer never responds to messsages asking for payment, and never gives you a heads up - if someone asked if they could buy something and pay for it in a couple days, we would probably say sure. But be decent and ask.

Usually the slow payer will send payment the following Friday, the most common payday. It's annoying since no store we know of lets you commit to buy something and pay when you fell like it. That's called credit, and you can use a credit card on eBay easily so pay us dammit.

Do you sell on eBay? What has your experience been? Comment below.