5 Boomer Aged Hobbies That Are Actually Pretty Fun

5 Boomer Aged Hobbies That Are Actually Pretty Fun

Older generations are facing a lot of heat in the media right now. Millennial's are quick to write off any opinion from the baby boom generation with a quick and dismissive "okay boomer" rather than find some common ground. Boomers are blamed for every society ill you can think of from racism to global warming.

We are not going to argue those topics, but rather are here to defend the generation that is a bit misunderstood. We took a long hard look at the boomer generation to see why they think the way they do, and what cool factors we could find. What we came up with was a list of hobbies that boomers are known for that upon closer inspection are pretty fun. Try some of these hobbies out and connect to your parents or grandparents in a new way.


It seems like once you hit a certain age, golf becomes a required past time. The problem is, at first glance, golf seems like the most boring thing you could do for 'fun'. Hitting a little ball into a little hole while barely breaking a sweat hardly seems like a sport. But is it really that far off from any other sport?

Not really. Golf might be lower impact than say basketball, but still requires skill, focus, and determination. With enough practice you can become pretty good at the sport and get a nice sense of accomplishment from the hard work you put in. While it was not the first thing on our list of things to try, there are plenty of worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Golf is actually pretty fun and therapeutic once you try it.


Sitting in one place while watching cars drive in circles hundreds of times sounds pretty lame - until it clicks. It took us awhile to appreciate Nascar and auto racing in general, but once we did we became fans of the sport.

We like it because we can clear out our thoughts while watching the cars take their laps, and the loud roar of the engines is sort of like a white noise that allows us to block out other distractions. You also get to learn a lot about patience, opportunity, and all kinds of inspirational things like that. Along the way, you might even see a cool car crash or two as well.


What's more boomer than sailing and boats? The hobby seems like an upper crust, rich guy past time that is the epitome of wealth and showing off. It kinda is, but sailing is actually damn fun. Luckily, you don't need a mega yacht to enjoy a day on the water. In fact, plenty of otherwise hard working and middle class families own boats, albeit smaller ones than you might see Bill Gates owning.

Spending a day on the water is an amazing feeling, even if you're not into fishing. You can learn how to navigate, or just kick back and work on your tan while hanging with friends and family. Popular celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio are known for spreading the global warming message while encouraging everyday people like us to drive electric cars and recycle our plastic bottles. But Leonardo also parties with supermodels on his yacht. We think he is just trying to keep this boomer aged hobby a secret.

Guns and Shooting Sports

A couple of boomers were all over the news awhile back for standing in front of their house with guns to defend themselves against protestors. People were quick to attack the couple and scream about gun control and magazine limits yadda yadda. The truth is, guns and shooting sports are just cool. We are willing to bet that if you give guns a chance, you will be hooked.

Not only does owning and learning how to shoot a gun properly give you the confidence of being able to defend yourself, it can be a rewarding hobby once you learn to shoot more accurately. Unenlightened people like to say that no one needs more than one gun with a few rounds of capacity, but hey you don't need more than one pair of shoes either. Yet everyone owns several pairs for different occasions. Guns are similar.


Many people enjoy the outdoors and camping. Plenty even take time after college to backpack through a foreign country. But as we get older and start families it's not always possible to commit to weeks at a time roughing it in the woods. But the itch to get outside never goes away which is why many boomers turn to the Glamping lifestyle.

In short, 'glamping' is a more luxurious form of camping where you come prepared with more stuff and amenities. Former 'roughing it' type campers tend to buy a small RV in their 30's, then in their 40's buy a bigger one. By the time they reach their 50's they are looking at top of the line campers and talking about living full time in an RV while traveling to visit their grandkids when they retire.

Sure, glamping might not sound like real camping, but there is something to be said for not worrying about bears attacking your tent. Glamping also allows those with disabilities to still enjoy the outdoor experience. You can also visit more places and check plenty of spots off your bucket list.