5 Beginner Workout Mistakes

Working on your fitness is a good thing. But many beginners make mistakes that can derail their success and even leave them upset enough to quit. Here are 5 common beginner workout mistakes - I bet you are guilty of atleast one of them.

Showing Off

Gains! Look at my gains! No one likes a show off, but plenty of people are quick to flaunt their gains no matter how small they are. Women like to show off with sexy Instagram pics taken from the perfect angle - hoping for likes and hearts to feel good. Guys on the other hand like to take off their shirt every chance they get. I've known a gym rat who always found an excuse to go shirtless - even in winter. People might take notice at first, but it doesnt take long for a show off to wear out his or her welcome and everyone in the room just rolls their eyes.

Over Doing It

Another show off technique is to lift more - way more - than you are capable off. We have all seen the guy at the gym who stacks the bar several plates deep to impress a nearby female. And we have also seen that guy struggle to get it up as he tries to summon the strength to move a weight that's too heavy.

You can usually spot the 'ego lifter' showoff because he is turning blue and forgetting to breathe as he realizes the situation he faces: look weak by asking for help, or risk being crushed by the weight in the hope that some fight or flight response will come to his rescue. Don't be a show off. Lift a weight you can handle, and if you are lifting heavy ask someone to be your spotter.

Comparing Yourself to Other People

Every single person has a unique body type and genetic potential. Don't fixate on building a physique like some actor or sports celebrity because it's probably not possible. Atleast half of my new male clients want to look like the Rock, and atleast half of my female clients want to look like Scarlett Johansson or some other trendy girl of the moment.

I hate to break it to you but it's not going to happen. Set your own goals and aim to be tthe best that you can be. If that ends up being a beach body great, but if your body type says that you are a little fluffier you shouldn't beat yourself up.

Eating Everything and Not Having a Diet Plan

You're burning a ton of calories therefore you can pretty much eat anything you want - right? Eat big to grow big they say. Wrong. Working out and especially bodybuilding requires an extreme dedication to managing your nutrition. That means counting all your macro nutirents - carbs, fat, and protein.

Being aware of what you eat is vital for making gains and figuring out why you have plateaued. You may need more protein to grow, or need to cut carbs to reduce fat. It also means for some hard gainers the possibility of setting an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to eat a protein shake.

That's why I don't bodybuild anymore. I found it to be stressful and became as obsessed with food as an anorexic runway model. Whatever your workout goals, having a diet plan and sticking to it is part of getting fit.

Focusing On Only A Few Muscle Groups

Most people head to the gym with a very limited goal in mind. Lose weight, tighten their butt, get big arms. As a result, most focus on just a few muscle groups which is a big mistake. Skipping over muscle groups can result in imbalances and even injuries.

It's important to train the whole body to gain muscle and develop a better body. Think of the guys who have huge upper bodies and stick legs. It looks ridiculous. Balance in life is the key, including while weight lifting or body building.

Many also like to skip the hard parts of a workout to avoid discomfort. But I think we grow by facing those challenges and doing the things we hate. So hit the exercises you hate first, and save the easier ones for last. I am willing to bet you will see faster gains, and better gains by mixing things up this way.