4 Ways for Men to Feel More Body Confident

4 Ways for Men to Feel More Body Confident

Poor body image and low self-esteem aren’t just issues that affect women. Surveys show that millions of men are affected by a lack of body confidence. Male body image isn’t just about body shape and muscles—many men struggle with low confidence due to their skin, hair, or height. The good news is, there are lots of ways to boost your self-esteem and feel more secure in your skin. Here are four ways for men to feel more body confident.

1. Move your body

A recent study by the University of Florida found that exercise can increase body confidence, regardless of whether you improve your fitness levels or body shape. People who exercise typically feel more positive about their bodies and have higher self-esteem. Regular exercise can help you lose unwanted body fat, increase stamina, and gain muscle mass. Taking care of your body by doing regular workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals and feel more confident with the way that you look.

2. Update your wardrobe

What you wear can have a massive impact on your body image, so it is essential that you feel confident and comfortable in the clothes that you wear. Get creative with your wardrobe and use clothes to express your style and personality. It is worth investing in high-quality clothing items that are made from premium materials. You should also look for versatile items that can be worn in different seasons. For instance, a gilet can easily be worn in both the spring and summer months. Darzi Clothing explains how a men's linen gilet can make the “perfect addition to any summer holiday suitcase of warm-weather wardrobe.”

3. Stand up straight

Your posture can have a huge impact on your overall appearance and body image. According to webmd.com, standing up tall has the power to make you appear younger, slimmer, and taller. A strong posture will also make you look and feel more confident. Make sure that you stand tall with your shoulders back and your spine straight. This will instantly make you feel more assertive and more confident.

4. Make smart food choices

Everyone knows the benefits of eating a healthy diet. However, eating well can do more than just improve your body shape. Studies have found that people who eat a healthy diet are more satisfied with their bodies when compared to people with the same BMI who eat an unhealthy diet. Try to make smart food choices and avoid junk food that is high in sugar, salt, or saturated fat. Good nutrition will improve your mental wellbeing and help you achieve your body goals—whether that is to lose a few pounds or to gain muscle.

Final thoughts

Everyone deserved to feel confident and happy with the way that they look. You should remember that it’s normal to experience body hang-ups and have low self-esteem from time to time. Learning to love your body is crucial to your happiness and overall life satisfaction. Try the above suggestions to boost your self-image and feel more body confident.


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