3 Reasons to Say I Do to Transatlantic Honeymoon Cruises

Transatlantic cruises are the best honeymoon choice, and here’s why.

According to Brides.com, the average length of a honeymoon is eight days, costing over $4k. They also report that 10% of newlyweds embark on a cruise together. The time spent together sets the tone for your relationship, bonds your partner and you, and creates lasting memories. Your big day will be romantic and memorable when you book the right trip. If you’re interested in celebrating as newlyweds at sea, keep reading. Here are three reasons to say I do to transatlantic honeymoon cruises.

1. Access Multiple Beautiful Destinations

One of the best benefits of taking a honeymoon cruise with your loved one is that you get to access multiple jaw-dropping destinations in one trip. You’ll port in different locations and be free to enjoy the city until departure. Beaches, architecture, and culture, oh my.

You’ll both get to see new places, including private locations. Some honeymoon cruises include for guests to visit resorts and beaches that are usually restricted. Experience something new and exciting together to set your marriage up for success.

2. No Planning Needed

When you book honeymoon cruises, you won’t have to worry about planning and managing anything. You and your spouse will be able to lay back and relax for the duration of your trip. Many tickets include the price of food and drinks, making it easy for you to enjoy.

All you’ll have to do is research your top destinations and move forward. The process will include choosing your itinerary, booking the trip, and browsing add-ons. You may find an excursion or two that fit your budget.

3. Experience Cultural Immersion

Honeymoon cruises take you to places you’ve likely never been before. By going somewhere new, you’ll experience cultural immersion together. You can make a difference by purchasing from locals only and volunteering together.

There are tours, guides, and adventures wherever you decide to travel. You can review the available options online to complete your itinerary. With a little bit of planning now, you’ll both be able to enjoy a stress-free celebration with your spouse.

Types of Honeymoon Cruises

Now that you know why you should, it’s time to book a transatlantic cruise. There are different types of destinations and features available, depending on which company you choose. The following are the different types of honeymoon cruises for newlyweds:

 Celebrity cruises

 All-Inclusive

 Short or long trips

 Couples

 Family


 Christian

You and your spouse can travel from the beaches of South Florida to legendary cities in Europe. Imagine yourself and the deep blue sea on a Transatlantic cruise. Bliss.

Create and Maintain a Happy Marriage

You can use what you read today to maintain a happy marriage. Consider these reasons to say yes to Transatlantic honeymoon cruises. Romance is the perfect way to start a lasting relationship.

There are more ways you can maintain a happy and healthy marriage. We feature the latest in family, relationships, travel, and more. Explore our blog longer for additional information!