• Anna Wrench

Difference Between Australian Immigration Lawyers And Migration Agents

Living and working in Australia is a dream for many. Students often aim to pursue their higher education from reputed Australian colleges and universities because of their affordable and amazing programs that are recognized worldwide. Once you set foot in the island country, you are bound to fall in love with its beauty. Hiring Australian immigration lawyers will be helpful when you move into the country but knowing your needs and hiring the right person is important if you want to have a good and safe start.

Hire Australian Immigration Lawyers Or Registered Migration Agents?

Before you apply for the visa, you need to decide how many days/months you plan to stay in Australia or if you are permanently going to live there. This differentiation will be primary to help you choose the correct person. The laws pertaining to immigration in Australia are complex and keeps getting updated thus hiring Australian immigration lawyers will be your best option. But if you are planning to stay for a few years – in case of education – and have no intention to gain citizenship then hiring migration agents will be enough.

While the task of both is to aid you in your process of immigration/migration, they need to hold certain degrees and they need to be registered with the correct ministry and legal sections. Only then they can help you with visa proceedings. With Australian immigration lawyers the price is higher than that of hiring a registered migration agent, but they will be able to help you better especially if you have future prospects of settling down in the country for good.

Benefits of Opting for Australian Immigration Lawyers

Shifting to another country, temporarily or permanently, is a change that not only requires you to settle in better but also get the correct aid through correct channels. Obtaining a visa is not as simple as shown in most movies, there are procedures and checks that need to be followed and met in order to be eligible to be considered a suitable candidate to go to Australia. This is where Australian immigration lawyers’ trumps over migration agents for they can help you with:

Sorting Out the Application

When you are planning to move base, you need to assure the legal section of the country that you are not fleeing your own country. That requires certain documents and unless you submit the correct file along with a proper statement of purpose, you will not stand a chance to stay in the country. Australian immigration lawyers will be able to prepare your documents and get all the paperwork done perfectly.

Prepare your case better

As mentioned above, unless proper documents that clearly states your purpose of moving is submitted, your visa will not be cleared. These documents also include criminal history records, family records, and health records. These lawyers have the training to represent your case in courts and help you with matters of employment.

Staying updated with the codes and laws

the laws pertaining to immigration to Australia is complex and keeps getting updated. Unless you have a person with the legal knowledge and skills that allows them to stay in the loop, your immigration process will get lengthy.

Sorting out liability issues

When it comes to having a person vouch for you, nobody will be more acceptable than Australian immigration lawyers. Many a times the immigration process involves matters that pertains to family law, tax and property law, or employment laws and the immigration lawyers are well equipped to guide you properly, efficiently, and quickly.


Shifting to a new country is an experience that involves anxiety, excitement, and sometimes confusion in equal measures. Having the legal side sorted will release you of any fear so that you settle in comfortably.