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Upcoming Book Announcement: Roswell and Area 51

Black Diamond Social Club is happy to be the first to announce an upcoming book about Roswell and Area 51 that has hints of being something unusually interesting and unique.

Until now, author Richard M. Evans has revealed answers to perplexing questions about the Bible. But in his current book, Double Armor, he reveals something else as well. The last paragraph on the back cover talks about the author’s father, USAF Colonel Ivor Parry Evans, ex base-commander of the Air Force base at Roswell, New Mexico. The last photo in the book shows the Colonel shaking hands with Major General Douglas Nelson, ex commander of Area 51. Who knew?

Evans claims to believe that he does know what actually happened at Roswell in 1947. Although Richard wasn’t yet born then, his father joined the U.S. Army Air Forces about 6 weeks after Pearl Harbor and remained in the Air Force for over 30 years. The elder Evans was first stationed at the Roswell base as a B-36 bombardier on B-36 bombers, aircraft that are not recognized by most people on the street today. He sometimes ferried the largest nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal, the 15 megaton MK-17s.

Of course, these were top secret in those days. When he became base commander of the base several years later, he was entrusted with other secrets. Of course, none of those secrets could be shared then.

BDSC came very close to being scooped on this story by two teenagers. Until recently, Rosa and Jacob, who prefer to keep their last name anonymous because they are both under age 18, were neighbors of the author. By keeping their aspiring journalists’ ears tuned to the voice of the street, they detected that a big story was in the air.

These videographers-to-be, who were fans of Roswell, Area 51, and stories about aliens, interviewed the author about his upcoming book almost simultaneously with our BDSC announcement. Indeed, they do seem to have scooped us with another photograph supplied by the author, which they revealed at the end of their new video. Fortunately for us, no one has seen their video until now. Hey, they’re teenagers.

Richard Evans says his new book, which has no title yet, will be available on Amazon for pre-order near early August or maybe late July 2020. The book won’t actually be published until about November. How do you search for a book with no title? Evans says you can keep an eye on his Amazon author page by clicking here: Richard M. Evans

For those who want to see that teenager video that we mentioned, you can find it below:

If you have any information related to Area 51 or the Roswell crash, reach out to us.


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