• Kiera Peterson

What Should You Know About Trending Hybrid Bikes

Bicycles were invented as a mode of traveling, but today we have redefined the concept to cover the many purposes we have derived for bikes by designing many models of bikes that offer a solution for each of them. We have revolutionized the usage of bikes from mere traveling to recreation and sports. We use bikes for city traveling, hiking, racing, mountaineering etc. In this article, we are going to discuss hybrid bikes and what are some of the features trending hybrid bikes.

What Are Hybrid Bikes?

Before you go out and explore trending hybrid bikes, you must know about hybrid bikes. Bikes are designed for commuting from point A to point B then there are recreational bikes like mountain bikes, so a bicycle was designed to incorporate both the comfort of city riding and the ruggedness and agility of off-road biking, as because it contains both the feature and it's halfway between a mountain bike and road bike it is termed as a hybrid.

But Hybrid does not have a single definition; there are lots of variation in the bike. The variation can be with a flat bar road bike with very skinny tires and lightweight, close coupled frame as in a road bike. Then there are bikes with flatter tire for a better road grip when you are traveling through forests or canal tow path. When you go out to buy a trending hybrid bike; you must carefully look at its features.

Road Bike Style Hybrid Commuter Bike:

Road bike style hybrid bikes are a trending hybrid bike may have flat handlebar and a same 700c large wheelbase, but the tires are narrow. The wheels bigger to tackle any bumps or potholes but the tires are kept narrow for speed. The geometry of the riding position is usually more aggressive as in city riding to gain speed.

This bike is idle when you are commuting in hilly areas but with better roads. These kinds of bikes are very lightweight with thinner and stiffer frame often designed with carbon fiber forks to offset the ride quality with this set of design. The riding is not much comfortable with this design as speed is the factor kept in mind while designing the frame.

The most crucial aspect of a hybrid bike is having fun because that is the sole purpose of the bike it is designed for but with safety. So, ride safe and have fun.

Features of the bike make all the difference. The other aspects of hybrid bikes are also important to be taken into consideration. We bring you the features of trending hybrid bikes that you must not ignore:

• Gears: Gears are a crucial part of the cycling process, and it varies with the purpose of the commuter bike. The most crankset comes with double chaining or triple-chaining gear set which gives the agility to ride in various terrain with gear shift like a low gear in planes and high gear in the hills. Triple chaining gives a wide range of gears with plenty of low-end gears for nice mountain riding even if the bike is loaded.

• Brakes: City bikes and sport bikes often come with v style rim brakes which are good for that riding condition, but for mountain riding or steep road climbing with bikes you need a strong disc type brake either with hydraulics or simple wire type for better stoppage and road-gripping. The best part of disc brakes are they work perfectly fine even when they are wet not with the case of rim brakes.

• Accessories: Most crucial mudguards and bottle holders for long off-road travelling can be fitted. You can also fit a pannier bag basket or box for long rides in the lower rack.


Different models fall under the ambit of these trending hybrid bikes, but when it comes to choosing the one that matches your need, you must explore it. Internet is flooded with such options, exploring various websites and online stores you will get complete information. Also, if there is an exclusive trending hybrid bike that you are planning to buy, you can buy them online. Make sure that quality is imperative.